Thursday, March 31, 2016

Umbraco 6.2.6 available now

This post is not a mistake and yes, it comes a year after the last v6 release. This is actually a great story about what it means to be an Umbraco Partner. Our friends at Moriyama had a problem with some of their v6 sites that they eventually tracked down to a bug that had been fixed in v7. In the process of trying to fix the problem they applied the v7 code to the v6 codebase and deployed with their fingers crossed. The fix helped, which was great in the short term.

However: they're supporting multiple v6 sites that need to also be deployed and updated with other code, having a custom Umbraco build meant that their regular, automated, deploy process using NuGet didn't work any more. Luckily, as part of their Gold Partner agreement they can ask us to spend some of our time helping to make things easier for them. So when asked, we were more than happy to accept their contribution and release a new version of Umbraco 6.

Obviously, this benefits us and Moriyama, but it also benefits the community: people out there who have the same problem with their v6 based sites for which we've already had multiple requests for this release to be made official.

As a result: Umbraco 6.2.6 is now available on Our and on NuGet.

On behalf on us and everybody with an impacted v6 site: thank you Moriyama! <3

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