Friday, September 27, 2013

Umbraco 7 alpha is here

I'm so happy to finally be able to present the very first public alpha of the next version of Umbraco: Version 7 AKA "Belle".

This very first Alpha release is meant as an early preview of the finale release which is still about a month away. Its also a great opportunity for you to test your current implementation and packages, so you know what to do when its time to upgrade, and most importantly, you give us much needed feedback that we can turn into improvements in the final release.

We have prepared a release page on which outlines the different areas we would love to have tested and get feedback on, you can find those instructions here, along with a link to download 7.0.0 Alpha.

There is a number of known issues:

  • Preview currently doesnt work
  • The datepicker is reported to not work in IE 10
  • We have not had time to polish the content dialogs (sort,move,etc), so several of them will look "off"
  • If you enter wrong credentials on login, it requires you to edit both name and password
  • During install, you cannot pick a skin for the startkit
  • Search context menu is currently not active
  • If you swictch user, the trees do not reset, so a browser refresh is needed
  • Help isn't implemented yet
  • TinyMCE Dialogs are incomplete and have inconsistent layouts

Finally, on behalf of the team who has been working so hard on getting to this point, I hope you enjoy this very first release of Umbraco 7, take the time to try out the new things, and give us feedback, both good and bad - we really appreciate it.

Thanks and have a nice weekend, - this calls for a Campari!

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