Friday, October 11, 2013

Umbraco 7 beta

It's been 2 weeks since we did the Umbraco 7 alpha, and since then, we've been working hard on finalizing APIs and database change, since the beta release date is the final deadline for changes of this kind.

So today, we're releasing the beta of Umbraco 7 aka "belle". as you will see, we've been going through the ui and streamlining it, we've been fixing most of the reported issues from the alpha, and finally Shannon has been hard at work finalizing the APIs for the new member editors, tagging and loads more internal plumbing.

Going forward from here, we will focus on tightning up all those added features and sort out remaining bugs, there a couple of property editors that still need some adjustment, or get additional functionality added, but we're looking at a close to feature complete version of Umbraco 7.0

So, I hope you enjoy the beta, take your time to report any issues, big or small, so we can make the final release really solid.

Get the release from here

Report any issues you find on the tracker here

New In beta:

Container document types - loads nodes in a table view instead of the tree


  • Serverside data is localized
  • Clientside API for localizing angular views
  • Directives for localizing elements and labels
  • Ongoing localization of the new UI bits

Member editor

  • the member editor has been ported over to angular
  • Member trees have been ported over to the new format
  • internally it uses the new memberservice


  • now supports direct access to the context menu for each result

General bugfixes

  • Tree tweaking and syncing
  • Visual indication on node state in tree
  • Menu folding
  • dialogs consistency

New property editors

  • Related links
  • Member picker w/ search
  • Multinode treepicker with search


  • you can now configure plugins and buttons as in V6
  • insert internal/external links
  • insert macros

Internal plumbing

  • You can now save json objects directly, no need for csv's or funky xml conversion
  • New Tags API and data structure


  • Timeouts shows the login, but keeps the editor state
  • Active logout clears the app
  • Login with a different user clears trees and editors

Plugin developer support

  • Developers can now store all their editors and trees inside /app_plugins/plugin
  • Better validation of package manifests
  • general dialogs for links, images
  • completed the property editor, prevalue editor, parameter editor apis

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