Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Umbraco 7.1.1 is here

After releasing Umbraco 7.1.0 last week we discovered some unforeseen problems which are fixed in this update today.

The main problem is that a small percentage of installs would fail because it would pick up an outdated version of Json.Net that was either cached or in the global assembly cache (GAC). To make matters worse, Json.Net has had a very difficult versioning scheme where every version until v6 would report that it was v4.5.0 so we couldn't work around this easily.

So we have now updated Json.Net to version 6, which is now properly reporting it's version so we can actually refer to it by that version. From the release notes of Json.Net we don't see any problems except for a change that is listed as a "minor breaking change" to the JsonSchema type. We're fairly confident that most people aren't using this type or if you do the impact will be minor to none.

The upside of updating Json.Net is NuGet packages like SignalR 2 and WindowsAzure.Storage now play nice with Umbraco without having to resort to hacking them in there!

We've fixed a few other problems as well. Downloads of 7.1.1 are now available on Our and NuGet.

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