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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Umbraco Awards 2013

We're thrilled to announce the return of the Umbraco awards at this year's CodeGarden. We actually did that a while ago, but only on Twitter and we forgot to blog about it. So apologize for the short deadline – it is, however, worth the rush to submit an entry!

There's a lot of great Umbraco work going on in our community with people using Umbraco in many impressive ways. Now it's time to get all that fantastic work out in the limelight. We've made it free to participate and we'll have the following categories.

Best Technical Solution
In this category we'll promote the best and most innovative usage of Umbraco, the concepts and API's. So the focus is on the technical usage of Umbraco. So show us the clever things you have done with Umbraco.

Best Designed Site
We're looking for the designs that blow you away. Not only visually, but also in respect to web standards. Where stunning design meets clean markup.

Best Integration
Usually Umbraco doesn't stand alone and is often integrated with other systems. We've got an award ourselves for integration (BNP CMS Awards) and we'd like to see how you're using Umbraco as a hub for other systems.

Last years winners


Best Design:

" was selected because it is beautifully crafted, easy to use & mobile friendly. We were impressed with the thought put into the responsive layout and we found it extremely intuitive to use. It demonstrates current web trends in an appropriate way."

Best Integration:

"We were impressed with their integration of a full email marketing suite into the back office of Umbraco. Editors were able to create send and manage their campaigns directly from the back office without the need to interact with the third party tool directly."

Best Technical:
"Folkeskolen has massive amounts of content. Content items are stored in a custom DB which is loaded into a custom Lucene engine for indexing and faceting. Custom content is edited via a custom version of DEWD. The Lucene implementation allows for incredibly quick searching. This solution is packed with stuff that makes your average developers head go BOOM!"

Case studies
Here at the Umbraco HQ, we think that with all these great submissions that it would be a brilliant idea to turn these into case studies. So by entering into the Umbraco Awards please make sure you and your client agree that we may use your submission as a case study on the website - its great exposure for you and your client.

How do I enter?
To enter the Umbraco Awards is simple, just fill out the form over on the CodeGarden13 website.

But what are you waiting for? Come and show us your best stuff and see if you can win an Umbraco Award that you will be proud to show off to your clients and colleagues. With it being an Umbraco Award you can expect the award itself is something unique and cool that you will want to show off.


  • An individual or company can only participate once in each category
  • Only submissions with full details are evaluated & considered for nomination
  • The submitter must be the creator of the work
  • Voting will be done by the Umbraco HQ


  • Deadline for submissions is Thurs 6th June
  • We'll announce the final winners during CodeGarden13


  • If you submit a website to the Umbraco Awards you will most likely want to buy a ticket to CodeGarden, so that you or your company can pick up the award in person if you win.
  • By entering into the Umbraco Awards please make sure you and your client agree that we may use your submission as a case study on the website - its great exposure for you and your client.

One last thing - Good Luck!

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