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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Umbraco Awards 2017


Don't worry, this it not the 2017 Award. The award will be produced in a more permanent material. Pic. by Douglas Robar.

We have seen a lot of great Umbraco sites throughout the year - but who utilises Umbraco the best, who creates the best editor experience or the best looking website in Umbraco? You?

That’s what the Umbraco Awards is all about. Nominating and awarding great projects and work in order to highlight how to get the most out of Umbraco in a truly impressive way.

The big Umbraco Awards ceremony is part of Codegarden, 7th-9th of June, where we have an entire afternoon dedicated to the very best Umbraco solutions (attendance at Codegarden is not a requirement for Umbraco Award submissions). And if you should be so lucky (and awesome) to find yourself as one of the winners, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive award and an online badge in order for you to show-off your prestigious achievement.

But first things first - we need to see your impressive Umbraco work!

The 5 Award Categories:

As mentioned above, this year we’ve got 5 different award categories, 4 of which you’re able to submit your project under:

  • Umbraco Award for Best Technical Solution.
    In this category we'll be looking for the very best technical solution such as the coolest integrations, omnichannel solutions and projects where personalisation has taken the site to a new level. The focus is on the technical usage of Umbraco, so show us all the clever and innovative things you have done.

  • Umbraco Award for Best Editorial Experience.
    In 2017 we are focusing a lot on the editorial experience as it is often overlooked even though it is a crucial part of building great sites - and keeping them alive. A good editing experience means happier end-users, and more frequently updated sites. Show us how you have made the editing experience extraordinarily pleasant.

  • Umbraco Award for Best Designed Site.
    We're looking for designs that blow us away. Not only visually, but also in respect to web standards. Where stunning design meets clean markup.

  • Umbraco Package Award.
    New packages are created all the time and we would like to showcase and award the best of them. We are awarding the three best submitted packages, that has been created since Codegarden 16.

  • Umbraco Jury's Choice Award.
    All submissions to the Umbraco Awards are automatically entered in this category, however, the jury can also choose projects that have not been submitted. The secret jury rewards the solution they think is best utilizing the full potential of Umbraco and thus, sets an example of just how much value can be squeezed out of Umbraco.

How to submit your winning project:

If you dream of an Umbraco Award, then you have the best chances of getting one by showing us your awesome Umbraco work thus, submitting your solution.

Deadline for submission is the 1st of May 2017.

Submission is done at the bottom of this page where you need to fill out our step-by-step submission form with relevant information, images, screen-shots etc.

It is very important that you follow the guidelines provided in the submission form, as the jury won’t be able to make a valid decision without the required information. We also need the information in order to put together a proper Winner Case Story that will be shown at the Award Ceremony and afterwards published on the Umbraco blog and shared on our Social Media channels. So please don’t hold back - show and tell us all about your great and clever stuff!


CG16 champagne celebrations. Picture by Douglas Robar.

Fingers crossed!

After submitting your project you have to cross your fingers and wait.

Our specially selected Umbraco Jury (currently secret) will gather shortly after the 1st of May and go through all the submitted projects in order to find the worthy winners and runner-ups.

The final nominees for each category will be informed as soon as the jury has come to a decision. However, the announcement of the actual winners won’t happen until Wednesday the 7th of June at the big Umbraco Award ceremony at Codegarden 🏆 🎉 🍾

We look forward to seeing your stunning and clever project among the submissions. Remember that the deadline for submission is currently less than a month away (May 1st) - so better submit today or get it in your calendar now before it’s too late.

After submitting your project you can start contemplating where you’d actually display such a well-earned, one-of-a-kind, eye-catching 2017 Umbraco Award....hmmm 🏆 🤔 😜

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