Friday, September 29, 2017

Umbraco DK Festival - the HQ appraisal

Claus Jensen, Developer at the Night's Watch, participant on the tech-track:

ClausClaus and his partner in code, Robert, who also participated in the Festival. 

What did you think of this year’s festival?

It was an exciting day with good and informative talks from relevant people from the web and tech community. There were good opportunities for networking both during the day and after the main program had finished. Other than that, the festival had a very well organized schedule, was located at a great venue with good facilities and the speakers were also very well prepared, which always makes the talks more interesting and motivational.

Did you learn something new?

I’ve learned how agencies are also using Umbraco in different ways for various other purposes that isn’t just the standard approach of serving a website. It was interesting and definitely something I will keep in mind when developing new features for our Umbraco.

Who would you recommend the festival to?

I would recommend the festival to people within the web community with an interest in Umbraco. While some of the talks are generic web/business talks that can be consumed by anyone in the web community, a few of the tech talks are also very Umbraco specific where you’d need some basic knowledge of Umbraco in order to follow along.


Sofie Toft Kristensen, Friend Maker & Support Hero, Participated as part of the Umbraco Cloud info stand.

Sofie in the CloudSofie was spreading the word and wonder of Umbraco Cloud at the Festival. 

What did you think about this year’s festival?

Throughout the day I was placed at the Umbraco Cloud stand together with some of my fellow cloud magicians. It was a great place to meet up with people who are already on Umbraco Cloud but also people who don’t know what Umbraco Cloud is and what it can do for them. It was nice to experience an interest in the service and signing people up for trials and Umbraco Cloud webinars so they could discover even more.

I didn’t attend any of the track sessions, however, I really enjoyed the keynotes - one was about SEO and another about the future in tech and the challenges that lie ahead. Very interesting and thought-provoking.

And as is the case with any Umbraco Festival, there was of course a lot of networking and socialising going on and the venue was really a great place for that - both inside and outside (yes, we actually had a sunny day in September!)


All-in-all, a good day 😊

Umbraco Cloud teamSofie wasn't alone at the Umbraco Cloud stand - here she's snapped a picture of her jolly Cloud companions; Niels, Jim and Robert.

Who would you recommend the festival to?

I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in being up-to-date with the latest happenings and movements in the tech-world.


Poul Jensen, The Friendly Cashier, participant on the business-track:

PoulThe Friendly (and chatty) Chashier spent most of the day networking and socialising with fellow Umbracians. 

What did you think of this year’s festival?

Kraftvaerk did an amazing job of hosting the festival - not only had they picked a nice venue, they were also very proactive and super friendly and welcoming. And as a non-technical person, I thought the program for the business track was very well put together and easy to follow.   

In general I thought it was a good day - there was a really nice balance between the learning aspect of the festival and networking aspect, it was definitely a great opportunity to meet peers.


Did you learn something new?

From the speaker, SEO Henning, I learned more about what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) also is and discovered that it’s not as boring as it may sound 😊


Who would you recommend the festival to?

Anyone using a CMS would get great value from participating in the Umbraco DK Festival.


Martin Wülser, Online Communication Dragoon, participant on the business-track:

MartinMartin was able to stock-up on business and web related tips at the Umbraco DK Festival


What did you think about this year’s festival?

I participated as an Umbraco HQ inspiration magnet, listening to what is going on and what is new around Umbraco. And then I talked to some of our partners and got to put a face to some of the people I normally only get in touch with via emails.  

The day was very well planned and the speakers were generally doing a great job of looking at the past, present and future of Umbraco and CMS in general. I attended the business track and I think the talks were almost all spot on in terms of sparking ideas and reflection about the time we are currently in, with quite a number of potentially game-changing technologies in play.

The networking part of the festival was very well organised. I find that it is usually in these settings that you really get to know people better and it was nice to see that the hosts also stayed until the end. Well done Kraftvaerk! 

Did you learn something new?

I learned quite a lot about what stops people from dropping out of a purchasing flow which is something we can easily implement in our own shop. And then I got some nice tips in terms of how to improve the usability as well as tips on how not to disrupt or confuse the customer during the purchasing flow.


Who would you recommend the festival to?

I would recommend the festival to anyone with an interest in Umbraco. However, the business track was relevant for people working with marketing and platforms within any online business.

Greetings from the Umbraco DK Festival host, Kraftvaerk:

“We are super happy with how everything turned out at this year’s Umbraco DK Festival - with the fantastic support from our sponsors, the beautiful settings of Mogens Dahl’s concert hall it all turned out to be the perfect day for loading up on inspiration both for the tech-minded attendees as well as the more business-minded ones. We were happy to see the great atmosphere and networking going on among the 180 attendees and all of us at Kraftvaerk would like to give a big THANKS to all of you for helping us make the day fantastic!” Kraftvaerk. 

Kraftvaerk awardKim and Niels on stage rewarding Kraftvaerk with an Umbraco MVP award for hosting the festival. 



And we would of course like to say thank you and H5YR to Kraftvaerk for hosting an awesome Umbraco DK Festival!  


Keynote ...On a final note, look at this - Kraftvaerk had hired a sketch artist to make beautiful doodles of the keynotes - here's Niel's keynote (in Danish, but you get the gist, right? 😉) 

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