Monday, December 11, 2017

Umbraco DK meetups, The Next Generation

Meetup the next generation

Around the world, Umbraco meetup groups are gathering on a regular basis to discuss, show and learn about aspects of Umbraco. For example, there is the a group in the Netherlands; @DUUGNL, in Scotland; @GLUUG, in India;  Umbraco Navi Mumbai .NET Meetup, in London; @UmbLondon and many more - just try searching “Umbraco” on and you’ll see if there’s a meetup group near you. The great thing about all the Umbraco meetups around the world is that they’re all based on pure Umbraco interest and curiosity - and completely voluntary. Thus, all of them are a great testament to how fantastic the Umbraco community is!  

So what about Denmark?

Over the past couple of years Umbraco HQ have arranged some meetups and have also had great help from our Danish Gold Partners Kraftverk, Novicell, Eksponent and Ecreo. Despite having both the Umbraco HQ here in Denmark as well as these wonderful partners, we must admit that the meetups are not quite as regular as many of us would like them to be. Last one was in February 2017 in Copenhagen, so almost a whole year ago. We want to change this!

Umbraco MeetupMeetup arranged by our Gold Partner, Kraftvaerk in Aarhus.

In order to get this Danish meetup train back on track, we have created a schedule for 2018 and added the first meetup which will take place at Umbraco HQ on the 1st of February. We’re more than happy to host meetups at the HQ; we have a lot of things we want share and with version 8 of Umbraco on the horizon, the meetups are also a great opportunity to do some user testing of new concepts, UI, UX, UDIs, APIs and all the other acronyms.

Of course the meetups should be as much a community effort, so while we’re happy to help out, attend, host, organise and so forth, I’m also hoping that you will become an active member. What can you contribute with? A lot of things:



Meetups are really boring if it’s just one person. The more the merrier 😊 Who is welcome? Everyone - whether you work with Umbraco on a regular basis, only occasionally or simply just have a personal interest in Umbraco - come along.



Meetups are a great way to hone your skills as a speaker, so if you’ve got something you need to get off your chest, have some knowledge you think others from the community would benefit from hearing/learning - a meetup can be a great way to do this.


Host a meetup

We’ve had meetups in a lot of different locations in the past. Since we’re just one meetup group in Denmark it’s nice to change location now and again. This means that more people can attend the meetups. Hosting a meetup as a company also means you get to show off your space and what you do.

Manchester Umbraco MeetupI attended the Manchester meetup in September. Here they did a panel discussion - a great way to do a different kind of meetup.   

Spread the word

Tweet, write a blogpost about your awesome meetup experience or tell a friend or coworker to join in. 


Now, let's get that ball rolling!  


If you want to do any (or all) of the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Ilham or write in the meetup group. We’re more than happy to help organize and facilitate.

We’ve already announced the first meetup which will take place on February 1st at Umbraco HQ - so better get that in your 2018 calendar now. As mentioned we have more meetups in the pipeline but there’s also room for more, so if you want to host a meetup, maybe in Copenhagen or Aarhus (or another exotic location), let us know and we’ll work together to make it happen 😀


Finally a big round of applause and H5YR for all the meetup organisers out there. You are doing a fantastic job that is much appreciated. And remember to let us know if you’re starting a new meetup group somewhere. We’d love to feature it in uNews (sign-up for our monthly Umbraco newsletter in the footer on  and on Our


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