Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UmbracoExamine.PDF finally available on Nuget

Many developers out there have probably used the UmbracoExamine.PDF library but it's never been officially released on Nuget, nor has there been an official download since the code has been moved to the Umbraco from the Examine core (quite a long time ago).

I'm pleased to announce that we've fixed that today! and you can install the UmbracoExamine.PDF library direct from Nuget:

PM> Install-Package UmbracoCms.UmbracoExamine.PDF

We've also moved the code for this library to it's own GitHub repository: https://github.com/umbraco/UmbracoExamine.PDF which allows us to clean up the Umbraco solution a little bit and make it easier to release any updates for this library out of band.

If you haven't used or heard of this library, it's a simple extension for Umbraco Examine to be able to index the contents of PDF files. When you install the package via Nuget it will create the Indexer, Searcher and Index Set for you. The installation will also display a readme file with some documentation and notes.

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