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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

uWestFest 2017

What is uWestFest?

uWestFest is the North American conference designed for building a strong community of developers, project managers and marketing teams that use Umbraco.

“We are invigorated by the community’s enthusiasm every year at uWestFest. This year is expected to have the biggest turnout so far with value packed Umbraco training courses, workshops and presentations. It’s impossible to get this much concentrated Umbraco knowlegde anywhere else on the continent. Anyone serious about Umbraco should come to this conference.”
Nik Wahlberg of Scandia, host of uWestFest


NEW: Wednesday Workshops

It’s one thing to know how to build in Umbraco, and quite another to know how to run a successful business building sites. Fortunately at uWestFest we pull together people committed and willing to share their knowledge. We’re excited about this year’s concentrated 2, 4 & 6 hour workshops that will be invaluable to agencies. Teams can learn how to:


Who Should Come to uWestFest?

We designed each day with valuable material for clients who use Umbraco and vendors who build in Umbraco. You’ll find a good mix of technical, business and use case presentations. This year’s event is equally geared toward the technical and non-technical.

You will hear about new Umbraco roadmap features not shared anywhere else, see real-life client showcases for big brand implementations, learn about Umbraco Cloud and witness innovative ways Umbraco is solving problems worldwide.

The Use Cases promise to be interesting to all segments of a team from marketing manager to developer. Expect to hear a multitude of lessons learned that will be immediately applicable to your upcoming projects of any genre. We’re especially interested in hearing more from the client perspective, which is also a new addition to this year’s line-up.

Have a look at the full agenda for uWestFest and make sure you don't miss a thing

Can I Get Involved with uWestFest?

YES! uWestFest is only possible because of our generous sponsors. Scandia is the host of the annual event and is actively looking for your support.

Sponsors get added visibility with prominent mentions on the website and in conference materials, and Gold Sponsors like uCommerce get an entire opening session. Here are our current sponsors:


It’s inspiring to be an active part of such an important community event, improves company morale, and helps bring Umbraco to a more sophisticated level. If you are interested in sponsoring,
visit the sponsor page to sign up, or email Scandia at

Join Us

Come join the community to learn from experts, meet new people, hang with friends, and be inspired and entertained. Buy Your Tickets Here.

For more information, follow @uWestFest (hashtag #uWest17) for the latest announcements and find more details about the sessions, venue and what to expect

Comments and questions can be directed to

We can't wait to see you all there!


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