Monday, July 16, 2018

Welcome aboard! LEWIS from Scotland becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Who we are

Hello! We’re LEWIS – great to meet you. Based in sunny Leith, we’re here to help people, businesses and brands tell their stories with great results.

Standing strong at a team of 30, we’re an approachable and friendly bunch who love turning clients into friends for life. Our love for making friends also made Umbraco the clear option for us!

Umbraco Gold Partner LEWIS

Why Umbraco?

The answer to this question is quite simple – it’s the best open source CMS out there. We first started working together in 2010, and the relationship has only grown stronger since.

It’s also got a flexible back office, it’s lightweight and streamlined, and our development team finds it really easy to work with.

Not only that, the editor experience is user friendly and it just keeps getting better.

Charles Marfleet, Technical Director, LEWIS

“Umbraco doesn’t try to be the jack of all trades; it focuses on content management and the ability to integrate with other tech leading systems to provide truly extensible solutions and we believe they’ve nailed it,” Charles Marfleet, Technical Director, LEWIS

The ease of setting up a new Umbraco instance is one of its key features - simply download the latest version and we’re good to go! Because Umbraco doesn’t install any extras or bloat we can quickly customise the user experience to suit our clients’ needs.

Umbraco is free with no need to buy yearly licences – a big bonus for us. Compared to other CMSs, it also requires less resources when it comes to setting up a basic server, keeping the costs down when looking at deploying a website for a client. Umbraco is also much easier to extend and customise.

Umbraco Gold Partner LEWIS

But to top it off, we love the Umbraco community. The support is fantastic and we’re proud to be part of such a friendly community.

Why Gold Partner?

Being an Umbraco Gold Partner allows us to shout from rooftops about our expertise - we know Umbraco, we have the knowledge and we want people to know that. Our development team are Umbraco Certified, and we also have an Umbraco MVP on our team 😉

Owain Williams, Umbraco MVPOur Technical Developer Owain Williams is among this year’s Umbraco MVPs! 😎


Supporting Umbraco helps to ensure the CMS continues to grow and become an even better solution for our clients.

We’re invested in Umbraco for the long term, and we want to show this support – becoming a Gold Partner lets us show this. It also helps show us off to potential clients via the Umbraco partner website, which is a great benefit.

Umbraco HQ’ers Anders and Kim visited us in Scotland 😊

There are so many benefits of becoming a Gold Partner, and jet-setting off to Odense for the Gold Partner summit is just one of them!

We get great support, with quick responses to all our questions, we’re first to hear about Umbraco’s plans for the future and we can help shape the CMS by seeing the product roadmap.

Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

“Such a pleasure to finally welcome our first Scottish Gold Partner... And even more to welcome an agency with dedicated and contributing developers as LEWIS has!” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

Reach out to LEWIS if you would like to share a cup (or two) of coffee.

Orrrr… read more about what benefits you get being an Umbraco Gold Partner.

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