Monday, May 8, 2017

Welcome to the family: Ørskov Web becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

If you read below, you will find out more about why Ørskov Web has "turned gold" and why they decided to go "all in" with Umbraco Cloud (in fact, Michael will even speak about Umbraco Cloud at this year's Codegarden).

But let’s get introduced properly first 😊

Who is Ørskov Web?

We are a Danish web agency, that is a part of Ørskov Gruppen.

Ørskov Gruppen has more than 25 years experience in marketing and communication, and consists of several companies, each with their own speciality within advertising, web and online marketing.

Our agency, Ørskov Grafisk (graphic design and offline advertising) and Clickstarter (online marketing) are all working within advertising. In total we are around 10 employees.

We are located in Skjern, which is in the very west of Denmark. Our offices are old idyllic farm buildings with thatched roofs.

Ørskov Gruppen was founded by Gunnar Ørskov, which is where the name comes from. Gunnar Ørskov has gone on to found 2 other companies: Ørskov Kurser og Foredrag (courses and lectures) and  Ørskov Leder- og Organisationsudvikling (executive and organizational development).

These 2 companies have nothing to do with the advertising part,  but for synergy purposes, are under the umbrella called Ørskov Gruppen.

7 years with Umbraco

We saw the need for a simpler, more flexible system, than what was currently used (Typo3). We started doing some projects on Umbraco - we loved it, and as they say, the rest is history.

Umbraco provides a good framework and is flexible enough to handle everything from small websites to the largest and most complex solutions or applications. Whether it is a simple website to the local carpenter, or a complete corporate solution with integration to several external systems, Umbraco is our go-to tool.

You configure it according to the individual customer and thus, do not have to twist and bend everything to fit the clients' wishes and needs. With Umbraco clients get just what they need with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

We’ve worked with Umbraco for about 7 years now.

Umbraco does not only focus on delivering a great tool for us developers, but also makes it easy for editors to create and maintain content. Much of that responsibility lies in the hands of us developers, but Umbraco lays the groundwork for this to be possible.

All editors we’ve introduced Umbraco to find the workflow in Umbraco straightforward and incredibly intuitive.

Captivated by Umbraco Cloud

We attended the Umbraco as a Service (now, known as Umbraco Cloud) workshop at Codegarden 2015. And while promising, it still had some kinks to be worked out, and too pricey for regular Umbraco sites.

At Codegarden 2016, we saw the new Umbraco as a Service, with a new lower price, and that made it very interesting.

We got home from Codegarden, talked about it, and decided to test it out on a single pretty simple project. We immediately saw the benefits, and decided to test it out with a couple of more projects, and we loved it so much, that Umbraco Cloud is now our go-to hosting.

In 8 months we’ve placed 17 projects on Umbraco Cloud, I think that speaks for itself. We love it.

Sure there’s been some annoying and tiresome moments where things did not work as expected. It has been a learning process for us also, but it has truly been worth it.

Overall we spend less time setting up environments, both locally and on servers, and both developers and clients are happy.

Becoming Gold Partner - only natural

We have become Umbraco Gold Partner, because we would like to support Umbraco and the great work they are doing, and while that is true for some part, it is also out of self-interest.

We are a smaller company, so compared to the majority of the other Gold Partners, the cost for the Gold Partner membership probably has a stronger impact on us.

But there are a lot of benefits, and other than the obvious like unlimited licences for the HQ Packages, Umbraco.TV and training. The primary benefit, and the main reason we have chosen to become a Umbraco Gold Partner, is access to the Umbraco Support team and Architectural Advice. Benefits that means we now have direct access to Umbraco HQ experts who are able to guide and help us with our code whenever we need it. 

In the past 7 years, we’ve set up around 100 Umbraco solutions, and the growth has been exponential the last couple of years. Therefore we know that the future will mean developing a lot more Umbraco solutions.

Would Ørskov Web recommend the Umbraco golden partnership?

The immediate answer would be - absolutely. But it of course depends on the others’ business and situation. If Umbraco is a big part of your business now and will be in the future, then yes.

If it’s not, then you should make sure that it will be, and then you can become Gold Partner.

“Ørskov Web has really seen the benefits of Umbraco Cloud and has implemented it in their entire workflow. It is great to see smaller scale agencies increasing their efficiency for their clients by combining the golden partnership and going "all in" on the cloud.” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friends Maker, Umbraco HQ

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