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Welcome to the family: NetConstruct becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Meet NetConstruct and find out why they pursued the partnership

For NetConstruct Umbraco is the only open source CMS they work with. And it has been like this from the very beginning. Why? For starters, their developers and their clients love it. It is not surprising then that NetConstruct has decided to also become our Gold Partner: “This is another step towards making us the best at what we do.” Meet NetConstruct:

Hi there!

We’re NetConstruct. Our company’s goal is simple – we solve complex business challenges through great websites. Operating for nearly 25 years, today we’ve grown to a team of more than 40, with offices in Leeds and London and we are one of the UK’s largest Umbraco agencies.

Working predominantly in the construction, manufacturing, professional services, retail, and membership sectors, we’ve delivered thousands of websites in our time, so we know a thing or two about creating great solutions.

Part of IDHL Group, we’re a connected agency, allowing us to tap into the specialist services our sister agencies provide across search and paid media. As a group, we’re now touching 200 employees and are one of the highest ranking independently owned agencies, on eConsultancy Top 100 Digital Agencies list.

With Umbraco CMS from the beginning...

As a .NET specialist agency, we’ve been working with CMS platforms since the early 2000s. The agency is built around this idea of being specialists in what we do, and Umbraco is the only open source CMS platform we work with.

In the last five years, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for Umbraco builds. Our developers LOVE working with it. And from a usability perspective, the feedback we get from clients is that they love it too.

...and we’ll tell you why

We’ve seen a lot of different CMSs over the years and we’re constantly assessing the market to see what others are doing. Umbraco is a widely respected and trusted platform, this combined with the need for a secure and robust .NET CMS made Umbraco the smart choice.

We also appreciate the wider community that’s wrapped around it. The potential for growth and even wider adoption is massive and this is something we want to be involved with.

A huge benefit of Umbraco is its flexibility and ease of use. On the surface, it looks simple, but we can add so much to the system to make our clients' lives easier and provide customisation options, making each page visually distinct and attractive.

We are looking forward to the first Umbraco 8 project where we can utilise the improved administration panel and makes use of the new Localisation functionality.

Each project and client relationship is completely different, and this lends itself to Umbraco and its ability to adapt and flex in order to satisfy our client’s requirements.

Becoming a Gold Partner is a delight

We are delighted to have finally become a Gold Partner this year. We’ve been considering it for a few years now, but as we’ve completed more and more Umbraco projects and met the training requirements a while back, we felt that the time was right!

“Having worked with Umbraco for some years now we’ve delivered some great websites for SMEs through to multi-billion-pound PLCs and have been a winner of Umbraco Awards. We feel that being awarded Gold Partner status further emphasises our commitment to Umbraco and our skills as one of the UK’s leading web development agencies.”

- Jonathan Healey, Managing Director, NetConstruct

The credibility and additional support that the partnership provides us with directly from Umbraco HQ is invaluable, and we look forward to working together on more projects in the future.

The new partnership will help us to cement our position as one of the leading Umbraco agencies in the country. The access we get to the wider community, alongside the direct contact with Umbraco ultimately means our knowledge and ability will grow even stronger.

We’ve already invested heavily in our Umbraco offering and this is another step towards making us the best at what we do.

"As an agency with more than two decades of web development history and a dedicated focus on .NET, I am very proud to welcome NetConstruct to the Gold Partner Family! Having been a close and award-winning partner for some years already, I am very happy with their decision to strengthen and upgrade this relationship. Their specialist focus combined with them being part of a larger agency group means that customers can expect great things from them. We look forward to supporting NetConstruct on all their amazing projects."

- Mike Pedersen, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


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