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Friday, July 14, 2017

Welcome to the family: Novaware becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Where we come from 🏡

Hello, we are Novaware. We are based in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Our company was founded in 2005, just after I graduated from college. We are a digital agency, but more of a technical digital agency with a strong focus on Umbraco of course.

We started out as a rather technical company, but right now we also hire more people that help us out with the marketing stuff, design, or managing projects. Currently our focus market is not only the Netherlands, but also bigger companies, maybe not from Fortune 500, but some of them work on a global level. Bigger companies like to work on more of a full-service approach. In the past we used to work with a lot of specialized companies, but now we try to get all of those competences they offer on board ourselves.

Novaware is a combination of nova, as in something new (new technologies, new softwares) and also aware, as in awareness, meaning that we’re all always looking around us and seeing what’s happening outside our company, noticing trends we could follow.

What has brought us to Umbraco...

Personally I have been working with Umbraco since 2006, so quite a long time, around 11 years, probably since version 2.0. Even at that time it was very extendible from a developer’s perspective and also very friendly for the editors.

Back then I was working for a couple of clients and one of them was looking for a system where he could maintain his own website. I started looking for something and as I already had a background in .NET, I found three systems that could fit: Rainbow CMS, DNN and Umbraco. I loved the way you can extend Umbraco as a developer, overall it works in a very user friendly way. That was basically why I decided to go for Umbraco at the time.

...and what’s so good about it ❤️

Umbraco is not limited for only creating websites, you can really use it as a content management system. You can use Umbraco for other applications as well by simply combining components or document types.

You can set up the content structure very fast and very easy and then create for editors the fields that they really need instead of having all of those unnecessary options, where they can get lost. That is one of the most powerful things about Umbraco.

What I really like is that content on Umbraco is presented in a tree or hierarchical structure. You have a clear overview to navigate smoothly through websites.

You have it all in control from the moment you install Umbraco. And then you start thinking about document types, content structure, icons, scriptions, everything you can do to make the customer happy. Our mission is Umbraco Happiness and we aim to make our customers happy every time we deliver them with Umbraco solution.

Shifting towards the gold 🏅

I thought about becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner for years actually, but then we were smaller and were also doing other solutions that were not based on Umbraco.

However we were slowly more and more moving towards Umbraco. Then in 2015 we started doing Umbraco trainings and later on joined the Dutch Umbraco User Group, helping out with event organization.

On the other hand, we’ve also started to work with bigger companies that need support and sometimes we have technical questions we can’t answer ourselves. Then it’s good to have a strong partner that could help us.

Because we’re also doing other things like the trainings and being part of Dutch Umbraco User Group, we thought it’s also good to let others know that we are really serious about Umbraco.

We were actually already approached by new companies that were specifically looking for Umbraco Gold Partners to see if they can do their next Umbraco project together. So we noticed those benefits. And we’re also looking more into Umbraco Cloud benefits, see if we can help people gaining use of the cloud platform as well. It’s an exciting future ahead 😊

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