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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Welcome to the family: Pragmatx becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

The birthday of Pragmatx

Our agency was born in 2001 as a result of experience in both procedure-heavy government projects and the fast-paced, free-wheeling approach taken with emerging businesses in the 1990’s.

After the Internet bubble burst, we recognized the need for a business model that was more agile than the old waterfall approach, yet more focused and structured than the high-flying, free-spending attitude that had become commonplace in the commercial realm.

We believed a more pragmatic approach was what businesses wanted and needed. Since we are in Texas (TX), we decided to combine this pragmatic approach to web development with a little local pride: and so the company name emerged: Pragmatx.

We started out intentionally small and have stayed that way to ensure that our clients get the kind of attention we would want, if we were in their shoes. Our offices are in the Dallas, Texas area. And no, we do not ride horses to work 😊

When did Umbraco come into the picture and...

Our first Umbraco project was a 4.7.1 website for a client in 2010. We upgraded that client to a 6.1.2 site and are in the pre-launch stage for their Umbraco 7 site. Our first Umbraco certified developer got their stripes in June of 2011. Since that time, we have released over 35 production Umbraco sites into the wild for happy clients.

We believe websites should be more than just the pretty face of a company – they should actually do something, like make a sale, or capture a lead, or offer self-help customer services. We feel like a lot of agencies out there are just design agencies and they can craft your online presence, but then the website is limited to just being a brochure. We decided long ago to focus our energy on the .NET platform, and Visual Studio has always been our tool of choice for building web applications.


It seemed to us that most CMSes were too complicated or too cumbersome for non-technical users, so we found ourselves adding highly customized, simple and intuitive content management features (which we called CMS Lite) into our .NET solutions.

We always want to put power in the hands of the content editors. But the challenge has always been how to give them control without enabling them to break the site.

One day, we came across this thing called Umbraco. Unlike other CMS platforms that evolved from blogs or message boards, Umbraco was designed from the start to create extensible .NET web applications and we found that fascinating. That could save us from having to craft a uniquely customized CMS Lite into our solutions each time.

In the course of doing business, we’ve worked on or inherited DotNetNuke, SharePoint, Sitefinity, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and home-grown CMS sites built on custom components. Usually we are handed these by a client experiencing excruciating website pains.

We’re always happy for the opportunity to show them how much better their life can be with an improved information architecture and an Umbraco implementation. They’re almost always completely amazed and excited about something they have dreaded working on. Universally, our clients gush about how intuitive and easily they can navigate the back office and manage their content in Umbraco.

And honestly, we’d never experienced such a supportive, positive and helpful community of developers. That was just plain strange. And fantastic.

“We love de-mystifying websites”

The biggest plus of Umbraco, in our eyes, is how much control we are able to give our clients over their own website without worrying about breaking anything.

We believe that the content of a website should belong to business stakeholders, not their IT department. We love de-mystifying websites and making content management accessible to marketing and operations people. Umbraco enables us to empower stakeholders to truly see their website as the center of their messaging and business processes.

Our favorite part is that usually in less than 30 minutes we can take a person who is non-technical and teach him how to manage content and he feels like they have just been through grad school. Now they can contribute to their company’s marketing and do things that they thought only men in black capes behind closed doors can do.

And that’s what we really like - educating. It’s really satisfying to teach someone how to make their own bread with Umbraco. And we turned some really non-technical people into content editors.

The big Umbraco selling point is that you’re not seeing all that infrastructure that you don’t need as a content editor, it makes the adaption easier for the client and it makes teaching it easier.

“Pragmatx has worked with Umbraco for a lot of years and is very experienced. They have their heart in their projects, and focus on bringing value to their clients. As part of the Umbraco Gold Partner Family and direct line into the Umbraco HQ, Pragmatx not only secure more value to their clients, but also bring feedback to us helping Umbraco to get better. #H5YR to our first Gold Partner in Texas!” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friends Maker, Umbraco HQ

Pragmatx and that golden step

We’ve pretty much jumped completely up onto the Umbraco bandwagon already, and have decided to make that a core part of our solution approach whenever possible. Since we’re all in for Umbraco, we decided we should make that known to the rest of the world and tap into the force to gain access to architectural expertise and an enhanced pipeline for new clients that fit.

The opportunity to gain insight on where the project is headed, the chance to provide inputs and feedback based on real-world experience, and the visibility we gain from recognition as seasoned, trained Umbracians. We’re all about ensuring our clients that they’re in good hands when we’re hands-on, and designation as an Umbraco Gold Partner does help provide a measure of confidence in our clients.

We’re in this business to do business, and we feel like becoming a Gold Partner will help bring us clients that are already interested in exploring Umbraco as a CMS platform find us so we can get to work helping them.

One of the most important things to us are the personal business relationships and trust we’ve built with our clients, many of whom we’ve worked with for 10 or more years. They know we take their business personally, and we love that.

Umbark-o 🐶 Certified

Any agency worth their salt has agency dogs. Ours are Annie (a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix) and Oakley (a Rottweiler mix). They are not certified in Umbraco, but they are both certified masters in Umbark-o!

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