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Monday, January 28, 2019

Welcome to the family: Sigma from Sweden becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Hi there!

We're Sigma. We’re the Swedish part of Sigma Group. We are a fast growing IT consulting company who wants to make life easier for our customers and to create an excellent user experience for our customers' clients. This we do by gathering all product, customer and ecommerce data, and streamlining the process and systems. We have Unified Commerce - a unit within Sigma that specializes in exactly that.

Sigma Group spans across 11 countries and has over 3600 employees. Our divisions in the United Kingdom and Sweden (the 2 current Umbraco Gold Partners) are spread out over 6 offices and have 100+ employees.

We are a company helping our customers with innovative solutions every day. We have done this work since the Internet’s infancy. On the way, we have built a dynamic and passionate corporate culture, based on the vision of a better tomorrow. Something we are very proud of.

We think and plan for the future. Our Tomorrow strategy covers everything from trend analysis, innovation support, and a wide range of other areas. We are ahead of change that drives the development forward. We simply want more!

“When we dug deeper into Umbraco, we realized that it was a perfect fit for what we wanted to offer our clients.” Adán Hultgren, Business Developer, Sigma

Umbraco - a missing piece in our business puzzle

While Umbraco is a relatively new platform for us, we have been working with .NET based CMSs for the last decade. We have a portfolio of strong offers for the majority of our customers but have always missed a piece to our puzzle.

We do a lot of commerce projects and have always looked for a light CMS that would allow us to do fast implementations with a possibility to extend. With Umbraco we can start small, grow fast and still be certain the solution will be efficient and fast throughout the scaling. It’s a perfect match for us.

Gold Partner? It’s about going all-in

Becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner was a no-brainer, as when we start out with a new platform, we always go all-in. It’s always all or nothing for us!

We see the partnership as greatly beneficial and already have several Umbraco projects in our pipeline. So now it’s time to ramp up the knowledge of our experienced .NET web developers to also incorporate best practice Umbraco knowledge. We value our partnerships and close collaboration with our partners is very important to us.

We look forward to networking with Umbraco HQ and have a closer collaboration within development, sales and marketing.

“What a great pleasure and recognition having Sigma Sweden joining the Gold Partner Family. Sigma is a huge international consultancy company that focuses on full-scale strategies with an impressive track record from other .NET platforms. And now they need a solid alternative to offer their clients. I'm really proud that they have chosen Umbraco as that platform.” Helle Kragelund, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


If you want to say hello to Sigma Sweden, head over here.

And, if it is something you would like to read up on more, see the perks of being an Umbraco Gold Partner.

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