Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome to the family: Struct becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Hello, we’re Struct 😊

What makes us different from other web agencies out there is a unique PIM (Product Information Management) system. We’re a team of specialists who can assist clients through all the steps of a this system's implementation: data analysis, configuration, implementation, testing and commissioning.

 Struct PIM is based on .NET and Umbraco. As a supplier and partner, you can make use of our product and services throughout your customers’ projects. You get access to one of the strongest PIM products on the market. 

But what is PIM actually? It is designed to handle product related data and is a strong tool for the organisation to maintain and control all processes relating to product data.

Our PIM is a 360-degree solution covering: Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Assets Management - Image / File Archive (DAM).

Struct has been a game changer of the PIM and ecommerce business in Europe for almost two decades. For a long time we have been a part of other big Danish ecommerce companies, but 3 years ago we broke out and made Struct a reality.

Why Struct?

Struct is a concept from the code world. In addition to the nerdy description, it also comes from the word structure which is one of the focal points in creating a good PIM based ecommerce solution. It is also about creating a good structure for business, organisation, IT systems, customers, data, etc.

Why Umbraco?

We knew about Umbraco for a long time and 3 years ago we took the strategic decision to use it as a platform for what we’re primarily focusing on - PIM. It is 100 percent based and implemented on Umbraco GUI (Graphic User Interface). Which in turn means that the users can’t tell the difference if they’re inside Struct PIM or if they are maintaining an article on an Umbraco site.

Umbraco’s GUI is one of the main reasons we chose the CMS. Umbraco is perfectly scalable and secure platform and we love the easy-to-use Umbraco user interface.

Even though we have clients using other CMS platforms,  we still use Umbraco as a base for the PIM solution. They might have another web agency making their e-business solution and we only provide the PIM.

Why Gold Partner?

We were interested  in becoming a Gold Partner from the start. We wanted to contribute. However, we are not a typical Umbraco partner who makes code suggestions and does pull requests. We’re more of a commercial partner.

From the financial perspective, we want to make contributions to the Umbraco family to help you improve the platform and the system. We would also like to try our best in contributing with ideas on how to improve the platform.

The other important part is definitely networking with other Gold Partners, because we are not into this just to find new customers who want a website built on Umbraco, for us it’s more about networking with other web agencies and providing them with PIM technology.

We participated in Codegarden this year and after the event I was in contact with around 19 potential partners, a lot of them Gold. I already had a few meetings and this experience is already giving our agency good results. Cannot wait to see what the future brings.

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