Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Welcome to the gang: Agidea becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

First things first. What’s up with the name change?

We were founded in 2010 and were originally called Blueprint Web Technologies. We got into doing typical digital agency type of work: websites, digital marketing, SEO and alike.

The agency was doing okay, but we wanted it to be a bit more tech, a tech company rather than marketing company. So we gradually started drifting and doing more of the techie sort of stuff.

It is not techie just from the programming point of view, but also where you go and talk to the businesses about a particular process they want to automate, to get on an online form instead of a paper form - that kind of thing.

So we were drifting in that direction - away from doing digital marketing type of work and towards more sort of a digital business.

Because of it, we decided that we were going to refocus and consequently, needed a new name. This was late 2016. It was quite difficult coming up with a name, and even more difficult to come up with something original that you can trademark.

I was wrecking my brains and I was thinking: I have an idea, it has to be agile, and I just sort of put those words together and got Agidea. No one thought of that, so I was able to register it as a trademark.

The name really sums up what we do - help businesses think about improving themselves with using technology in an agile way.

At the moment we got 6 employees, but we’re currently hiring! (hint hint 😉)

Agidea today

There are 3 areas we focus on as a business:

  • Business agility and process automation. We don’t just look at how a business is going to market themselves, but we look at how they’re working together internally, how we’re interfacing with the customer and how we can put systems in place that improve that process or automate that process in some way.

  • Systems integration. We do a lot of work where a website needs to connect to some sort of big backoffice system, where they want to pull data out and push some data in.

  • Application monitoring and user analytics for continual improvement. As part of our development process, we monitor systems and get feedback on how people are using them and then put that back into ideas for improvement and development. So it’s like a continuous cycle.

Agidea 👫 Umbraco and the initial suspicion

I’ve been developing software for probably 10 years. I have used a CMS called DotNetNuke (currently called DNN) and I was convinced that this was the best CMS and I really got angry when people said there’s a system called Umbraco that’s much better.

What’s so good about Umbraco?

It’s the fact that we can say yes more often to customers’ requests, the flexibility. Umbraco has a friendly, intuitive interface, which means that the customers tend to phone us less often.

Umbraco lends itself to working in an agile method. So it’s not the sort of system where you spend 6 months on the development and then hand it over to the customer at the end. With Umbraco I can get a working system for the client within 2 weeks. And they don’t phone up to ask how to do basic content editing.

And… what’s so good about being a Gold Partner?

The reasoning behind becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner is threefold:

  • Increased visibility as a Gold Partner enables us to share our experiences with a broader audience. So if we got a really good case study, we can share this experience with other people.

  • Some of our big clients want a guaranteed bug fixing from HQ. So being a Gold Partner gives us access to the guaranteed bug fixing, which is important for our corporate clients.

  • The opportunity to have some input in the direction of the Umbraco project, such as participating in the Gold Partner summit at Codegarden.

So generally speaking, it is the sharing of ideas, direct support and input to the project. We are excited to see what this relationship is going to bring us and Umbraco.

“It is nice to see agencies with a strong technological focus taking in Umbraco as a very flexible platform and building a multitude of diversified things on it. Agidea is one of those that I think are perfectly capable of doing a lot of integration using the flexibility in Umbraco. I am happy to welcome Agidea as our Gold Partner.”Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friends Maker, Umbraco HQ

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