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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Welcome to the squad: Visarc becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Who we are and what we do

Hello 😊 We are Visarc. Our name stands for visual architecture. Our belief is that everything visual requires a structure, a reason or an architecture for it to deliver its true purpose. And likewise, when you’re considering architectures, infrastructures or coding, if you do not apply visual elements to your thinking, the result is a poorly executed solution. So visual architecture brings both sides of the coin together for the perfect solution.

Visarc was founded in 2000, so this year we’re celebrating our 17th birthday. We’ve been an integrated, full-service marketing agency from day one, which means that we work with our clients on pretty much anything marketing related.

Digital today forms about 70 percent of all we do. We’re automotive specialists, but do not work exclusively in that field. We tend to work with international blue-chip companies supporting them at a global level with a focus on UK, Northern Europe, France, Germany and Italy.

We’re located in Kent in the South East of England. We moved to our premises a couple of years ago due to expansion. We bought a warehouse, designed and converted it into our new offices. It was a good move as since then we’ve grown and have plenty of space for new staff. Our team consists of around 30 very experienced people, 10 developers, 12 account team members and project managers, 4 creatives and 2 in management.

Road to Umbraco

Our first development with Umbraco was in 2015. We needed to replace an ageing in-house built CMS. We looked at lots of options, from researching what was available to continuing with a new in-house option. From our own experience of dealing with other CMSs and talking to contacts, in the end we opted for Umbraco.

It gave us the best balance of flexibility for developers and ease of use for content editors.

Road to becoming a Gold Partner

When we initially started with Umbraco, we already had a fair amount of knowledge within our team, because a lot of our staff had joined with Umbraco experience already in place. Our first step was to send members of the digital team for training, get to the partner level and ensuring everyone had the latest knowledge. We then very quickly decided that we wanted to take it to the next stage and become Gold Partners.

Being an Umbraco Gold Partner is a commitment to the platform. It shows our clients that we are fully supported and fully trained. The benefits of support means that we can send queries to the Umbraco HQ and get the experts advise us on how to find the solution. It’s fast and it speeds of the whole process of development and problem resolution.

On a final note 🦄

There is another thing to be said. There are thousands of CMSs out there, however what adds to the appeal of Umbraco is that it’s open source. This allows us to build some of the best sites for our clients without incurring the high costs that some CMSs would incur... with no real extra benefit.

And when we’re talking about CMSs with our clients we can confirm and reiterate that Umbraco is what we believe to be the best CMS out there.

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