Monday, October 2, 2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome: Layer One Media from the USA becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

But let’s find out about the North American digital agency even more...


Hello 😊 We’re Layer One Media. We were founded in 2000. We’re a full service digital agency that specializes in B2B, healthcare and financial services. Our headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where we have 30 employees.

We operate in a matrixed organizational model and have four core service offerings: Web experience management, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Data Management.


We don’t believe that just putting something on the web is good enough. We provide our clients everything:  from strategy to implementation and measurement.

Layer One Media isn’t just a development shop or a systems integrator like a lot of firms that serve the B2B market, we’re also passionate about design, user experience and marketing of the site we create, so we’re thrilled with the flexible Umbraco capabilities in each of those areas.

Why do we like working with Umbraco?

The ability to extend the core feature set of Umbraco is extremely attractive, there is basically nothing that compares in the price category.

User enrollment, content version management – versions across languages, these are super key for our client base at a core level – Layer One Media often uses these features as base level, and extends beyond to execute a given set of requirements for functionality.

We love how friendly it is  for developers, which also makes it a key consideration for us.


We used to actually have our own, proprietary system, designed and developed in house – building and maintaining software of this nature takes tremendous resources and we have since moved away from this approach.  

We have worked with other .NET based CMS platforms and find that it’s important, as an agency, to offer our clients choices that align to their business needs, therefore we partner with Umbraco for a specific client profile.

What value do we see in becoming a Gold Partner?

Layer One Media has worked within the Umbraco platform for quite some time, and only recently decided to formalize the relationship.  

“We’re not new to official partner relationships, but we’re cautious about whom we align ourselves with. Umbraco is getting a ton of respect in the .NET CMS community and is flexible enough to serve a portion of our clients,” Brody Buss, President, Layer One Media

The friendly developer community is a big plus for us. Obviously an agency like ours needs to have a pool of developers out there in the world from which to hire and having a close knit community also allows for informal support relationships.

Trained development resources on staff are important to successful projects, but also pointing to a set of certified development resources alongside our Gold status helps during the new business process as well. It signals to prospective clients that we’re serious about building excellent web experiences and have made investments to ensure that we can deliver on that promise.

“I'm happy to see interest and more close partnerships from our fastest growing market - USA. With Layer One Media we got a strong Gold Partner in the Midwest,” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friends Maker, Umbraco HQ

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