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Welcome, welcome, welcome: Yoyo becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

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With over 10 years of experience using Umbraco and having been a valued member of the community (with their very own MVP) for a long time now, Yoyo’s involvement with Umbraco has risen steadily inline with their business growth. So it was about time they joined our Gold Partner club.

Let's find out a little more about them.

Hello, we're Yoyo😀

Yoyo was founded in 2008 by four friends who had a great mix of creative skills and a shared passion for digital. They came together and acquired a small studio in Tunbridge Wells which helped them turn their big vision into a reality. And Yoyo was born. Jump forward 12 years, today the office in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, houses a dedicated team of 20 Yoyo employees.

Being an Umbraco Gold Partner🥇

We’ve always enjoyed working with Umbraco over the years. We love that our techies get to be part of a fun, friendly and supportive community and that they get every opportunity to evolve, contribute and improve the platform themselves.

The partnership also grants us better access to support and training which makes sure that our team maintains their highest level of technical expertise.  But for us, the most important part of being a Gold Partner is that it gives us credibility. It shows our clients that we are totally committed and provides them with reassurance that we are the specialists they’ve been looking for.  We are very happy to see what this new partnership continues to bring and look forward to kicking off the new year as part of the Umbraco family.

“What we love most about Umbraco is that we can focus on delivering amazing digital experiences for our clients, without worrying that the CMS can’t deliver. Our clients get full control over the editing experience without the need for complex training or endless support calls.”

Jenny Kitchen, CEO, Yoyo 

Yoyo are true Umbraco heroes and I am thrilled to have them as part of the Gold Partner Family! With an award-winning team that both contributes to the CMS as well as delivering excellent projects combining complex architecture with fantastic creativity in design and UX, the Gold Partners status is the only right fit for them. I look forward to an awesome collaboration ahead. Welcome on board!

Mike Pedersen, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

Would you like a chat with the agency? Visit Yoyo's Gold Partner page.

If interested, you can also learn more about what it means to be an Umbraco Gold Partner.

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