Monday, April 28, 2014

What are we up to?

I've been a bit quiet recently on the progress updates of the Umbraco core as we've been super busy stabilizing v7 and working on Umbraco as a Service at the same time. Time to update you on what to expect in the near future.

Umbraco 6

We're in the process of finalizing v6.2.0, which is now due out this Thursday, May 1st. 6.2.0 will feature all the membership goodness that was also introcuded in 7.1.0 recently and a slew of bug fixes, including a ton of pull requests made during the Umbraco UK Festival last November. If you've been working with v7 then you were already able to take advantage of these fixes as most of them were merged upwards as well.

As of 6.2.0, Umbraco v6 will go into maintenance mode and we'll only be doing bugfix releases where necessary. All new features will be Umbraco 7 only.

Umbraco 7

We've been very happy with the amount of people picking up v7 for their new site builds and we appreciate the many early - and brave - adopters who've made this the fastest major transition in the Umbraco history. In fact for every new install of Umbraco 6, there's now six installs of v7.

With the release of 7.1, we'll slow down on new features and focus on polishing what's there, so expect regular monthly patch releases of v7.1. It's the sum of a lot of attention to detail that makes a product feel rock solid and we'll continue on that path.


Even though v7 is just six month old, we're full of ideas of where Umbraco should head from here. We're eager to present these ideas, which is what we'll be during at Codegarden, where feedback - both at the conference and through the regular channels (issue tracker, mailing list, forum, etc.) - will guide our future efforts in the year that follows. By the end of the summer we expect a new detailed roadmap for both v7 and v8 to be ready.

On that note, we'd like to thank everyone who helps Umbraco being the amazing project it is through their contributions: The many people in the community who helps with pull requests and our Gold Partners who ensure that there's fulltime resources on the core in the HQ.

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