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What happened at the Umbraco Festival Deutschland?

Rune and Mads

Mads and Rune presenting the keynote speech at the Umbraco Festival Deutschland on all the exciting things that are coming up in Umbraco. Picture by the talented Douglas Robar.  

umbOktoberfest Umbraco Festival Deutschland!

The one and only German Umbraco festival has returned. This time, in spring and with a new name: “Umbraco Festival Deutschland”. On the 28th of April, the two-track, 1-day festival, welcomed around 60 Umbraco users in Frankfurt. A festival hosted by our very enthusiastic and dedicated Umbraco Gold Partner, byte5.  

One of the first things I asked Rune and Mads about was, of course, if anything had changed other than the name and time of year:

Not really. But I mean that in the best way possible. Byte5 are experienced in hosting festivals and that shows. It was a really well-organised event, and there was a great intimate community feeling all day. Everyone just talked with everyone. The only thing that was different was the weather really, which, very conveniently, was beautiful so that we could all catch some nice rays of sunshine on the balcony that was attached to the venue. It was a great new venue as well, btw“  Rune.


Yes I agree. The entire event was really well organised. Byte5 had put together a great program and ran a tight schedule, but everyone and everything felt so calm and down-to-earth. It was great to be part of... Actually one thing I think was a bit different was that it felt more international this year because many of the sessions were held in English. They’d also managed to attract attendees from the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Denmark and of course Germany, and I think it’s really cool to see that Umbraco users from the surrounding European countries travel here to be part of this festivalMads.

Cosy but serious.

Even though there was a great, calm and friendly community vibe at the festival, Rune and Mads both made it clear that this didn’t mean that the sessions were less serious or less interesting.

Small Umbraco festivals like these are fantastic because they’re so intimate. You’re almost forced to talk with new people and that’s actually a positive thing. But just because they are small and cosy doesn’t mean that they’re less serious. This year’s Umbraco Festival Deutschland actually had a lot of high level code sessions and session on completely new features and packages in Umbraco. It was really interesting.” Mads.



The session "Ins and Outs of Umbraco Cloud" with Søren Spelling Lund from uCommerce. Picture by Douglas Robar who also held a session at the festival on "Happiness is good for you and your Business".   


I think that the session by Theo and Kasper from Growcreate on machine learning was really impressive. They showed things I’ve never seen before. Also, the session by Severin and Calvin from Opten had the whole room talking. During their presentation of their Multilingual package for Umbraco they revealed that they would make the package available as open source. I think they were quite positively surprised by all the positive feedback they got from the other attendees following this announcement. That’s just want’s so fantastic about the Umbraco community and open source. Rune. 


Spaß, Cocktails und der traditionelle Karaoke Abend

And now to the thing about karaoke. Because as already mentioned, a big part of any Umbraco festival is the social events and networking that happens before, during and after the official festival program. Umbraco Festival Deutschland was no exception.

As part of the official program, byte5 hosted both a pre- (the evening beforehand) and an afterparty. Orange Umbraco cocktails, cold beer and delicious food were served while the attendees listened to live music from a multi-talented Umbraco developer who even took part in the German version of The Voice 🎤 !    

And then karaoke. A thing that got started last year but seems to have been made into a tradition based on popular demand by both Rune and Mads but also the rest of the byte5 gang. I’ll just leave it with this tweet by Christian Köhler:

Christian Köhler 

It was a great festival - as always. If you ever get the chance to go, you really should go!“ Mads.


Want to know more about what happened at Umbraco Festival Deutschland, what other attendees thought of the festival and get a taste of the atmosphere? Hit play on this great video made by byte5:

A massive H5YR to byte5 for hosting such a festive, interesting and well-organised Umbraco festival!

The awesome byte5 gang. Picture by... you guess it - Douglas Robar. See all of Douglas' pictures from the festival here.

P.S. Feeling the Umbraco festival blues after reading this - no need to be blue. In just 3 week we, Umbraco HQ, are hosting the biggest Umbraco conference in the world, Codegarden. So if you’re up for learning tons of new things, get inspired from great sessions and mingle with the friendliest community in the world - you’re invited.

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