Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What’s in a name? UaaS now called Umbraco Cloud

You may have heard the phrase “Umbraco Cloud” floating around (pun intended) over the last month and we are now ready to skyrocket this official name change from Umbraco as a Service into the Umbraco-sphere! Officially (re)-introducing Umbraco Cloud!

There is absolutely no change to the product itself, it is the same great service simply with a new title. Why the change? Not only to avoid the unsightly and unfortunate abbreviation to UaaS ;) After considering feedback from our Gold Partners, workshopping and testing the term, we feel Umbraco Cloud is a more relatable term for everyone. After all, you may have noticed that Umbraco as a Service has always been named “Cloud” in the top-menu on We were telling ourselves something all along!

Cloud solutions are increasingly well-known, with the likes of Google, Amazon and of course Microsoft in the arena. We proudly run Umbraco Cloud on Microsoft Azure Cloud services, so this name change also aligns more closely to the structure of the product. Umbraco Cloud now positions us clearly in the market, and is quite simply, a more user-friendly and communications-friendly term!

All references, emails, documentation and marketing material will migrate to the new term Umbraco Cloud this month, so please begin shifting to the new name in your own work and start using the hashtag #umbracocloud

If you have any questions about the change or spot a reference we have missed, please get in touch with either me Kris ,or Vera.


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