The Annual Impact Report

We firmly believe that the success of Umbraco goes beyond financial performance.

It is also about our commitment and responsibility to shape a better future for the CMS industry and make a tangible impact on the world around us.

So, how do we make an impact and how are we doing? This annual report is a summary of just that diving into the impact Umbraco makes on: Clients and Partners, Community, Planet, and People.

Discover Our 2022 Impact 

For the best viewing experience of the report, download and click full screen. Enjoy! 

Picture of the cover of the Impact Report

Umbraco tree graphic

Want to know more about our Carbon Neutral Journey?

On the 22nd of June at 1 PM UTC, our Business Excellence Manager, Martin Wülser, will share more about how we've done our CO2e calculations, what we have done to reduce and offset our emissions, and what the plans are for a greener Umbraco future.

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