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Case study


Building both website and webshop under a tight deadline

Umbraco can be a match for a wide range of projects, no matter if that includes small or larger websites, private or public sector. Take this case for example; Umbraco proved to be the perfect fit for a major public sector website - DOT (or Din Offentlige Transport, eng. Your Public Transport). DOT is a cooperation between three Danish public transportation providers: Movia (bus), DSB (rail) and Metroselskabet (metro). Kruso built both website and webshop for DOT.

Skills used

  • Design
  • eCommerce
  • ERP


  • Public sector & charity
  • Transport & logistics

3 months, 3 companies - 1 shared platform

DOT serves as a single entry for customer service, price information, ticket guides and other relevant communication for users of public transportation in the Eastern region of Denmark. We, Kruso, took up the challenge of building both their website and webshop:

🚍 DOT Website: 3 companies - one shared self-service platform. 3 companies required a single entry-point for users of public transportation in the Eastern region of Denmark.

The new platform had to integrate and gather features and elements that were previously spread across three different websites.

🚍 DOT Webshop: A simple and intuitive e-commerce solution where customers can buy a range of tickets in one single shop across three individual transportation providers.

DOT needed to replace their previous webshop with a new webshop due to changes in prices and products. They wanted to redesign and integrate the webshop into the new DOT website, also developed by us.

The challenge was to build one seamless online buying experience integrating complex product data and in just three months.

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How we did it

DOT Website: We designed and developed the new website using Umbraco CMS. The new platform was developed using an agile project model and through a cooperation with multiple stakeholders.

The end result is a user-friendly, fully responsive website that provides a single front-end to multiple different systems, including popular Danish travel planner, Rejseplanen. The project included multiple sets of user tests to guarantee optimal site usability.

DOT Webshop: We based the solution on Umbraco CMS with a uCommerce commerce engine integrated to a Navision-based ERP backend.

The webshop was built using Kruso’s own Agile methodology which is adapted from Scrum, with liberal borrowing from other methodologies such as DSDM and Lean Startup.

The aim is to embrace Agile principles by having some flexibility in the scope of the final delivery while still providing a guaranteed launch date and guaranteed Minimum Viable Product. In other words; the efficiency of an Agile process with some of the predictability of a more classical approach.


"Using an agile approach in combination with best-of-breed agile tools, Umbraco and Ucommerce, we took a complex product with complex pricing structures and built a simple, reliable e-commerce experience. We even surprised ourselves a little,"

Tomas Antvorskov Krag, CTO, Kruso

How it turned out

DOT Website: The solution was developed under a tight timeline, but the end result is a high quality, high usability self-service platform that has been well received by users.

Customers find it easy to locate the information they need while travelling and planning their travels, regarding travel times, delays, ticketing information, pricing and customer service.

DOT Webshop: We succeeded with transforming highly complex data structures and system requirements into one single, simple and intuitive shopping experience. Today DOT’s customers can buy a range of tickets in one single shop even though products are sourced by the three individual companies behind DOT.

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The webshop was developed in only 12 weeks, and launched successfully on schedule and on budget, providing a significant upgrade in usability to both editors and end-users. The webshop successfully implemented a new regional pricing structure for public transportation.

Umbraco, and it’s ease-of-use (for editors) was a key element in the success of both projects.

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