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J.P. Morgan Asset Management: A Story About Trusts

Umbraco Awards 2019 Best Design & Best Certified Partner Solution winner


J.P. Morgan Asset Management wanted a fresh and innovative way to engage and educate the investor audience whilst establishing their credibility and knowledge in the market. Collaborating with Yoyo Design, they built A Story About Trusts, a website that provides users with a beautiful interactive digital experience. It is no surprise then that at Umbraco Awards 2019 Yoyo Design won twice: as Best Design and as Best Certified Partner Solution. The agency will tell you the full story:

Skills used

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Digital strategy
  • Accessibility


  • Finance

Partner doing the case

A solution with stunning after-launch results 🎉

Increase average time on site
Increase average pages viewed
Decreased bounce rate

Four key goals to reach

Building A Story About Trusts we had four key objectives:

  • Provide an innovative, interactive and beautiful solution that engages the user and allows them to learn more about Investment Trusts as a portfolio option. 
  • Enable users to easily navigate their way through the client’s products and understand the benefits of using Investment Trusts.
  • Ensure that the site structure offers an engaging “way in” to both the seasoned investors as well as newcomers.
  • Ensure the site is more accessible for the younger, female demographic.

How we did it

We came up with the “particle concept”. It was largely inspired by data and collective investments. Particles represent the idea of spreading investments and then reforming to create a sense of collaborative working - also inspired by the client’s tagline “Building stronger portfolios together”.


A Story About Trusts on an iPad


The site utilises a multitude of web technologies on both the front and backend. The backend of the site is driven by Umbraco, allowing the client the freedom to update even the most complex parts of the site.

This means as the site continues to evolve, the client can ensure content and imagery is kept up to date on a regular basis.

The following key sections were created to specifically meet the site’s main objectives: 

- Our Investment Trusts. This is the key exploration section. Laid out like a timeline, the user is invited to scroll or jump to the year that they are most interested in, allowing them to see the Investment Trust launched on that year, and read more. This section is keeping the user interested in exploring the client’s product range and highlights the longevity of their offering.

 - Which Trust For Me? We built an interactive questionnaire that takes the user through a selection path where, after answering two questions, the best Investment Trust options for their objectives are displayed.

It was created in order to educate the audience on which Investment Trust would be the best fit for their portfolio.

“From brief to go-live we knew this was going to be a game-changer for our online brand and product experience. The final experience barely changed from the first concept pitched, which to us as a client, showcased the collaboration between agency and client to understand the heart of the business problem and produce a solution that answered every part of the brief whilst pushing the boundaries digitally.”

Jordan Chinchen, Senior Marketing Manager J.P. Morgan Asset Management

After-launch happiness

A Story About Trusts launched in time for a large scale event that J.P. Morgan Asset Management attended. The attention, intrigue, and engagement generated from the site at the event brought potential investors to the stand and meant that employees could build new relationships, share knowledge and educate prospects on the benefits of their Investment Trusts. 

In addition to this, the site has been benchmarked against the client's main site and has produced very positive results: average time on site increased by 33%, average pages viewed increased by 50%, bounce rate decreased by 21%, female visitors increased by 27%.



Overall we were extremely happy with the end result which produced a beautiful interactive digital experience that will continue to attract, engage and educate the end user in years to come.

And well, bringing home two trophies from Umbraco Awards 2019 only adds up to the after-launch happiness!


Mike Massey celebrating winning two trophies at Umbraco Awards 2019

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