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London & Capital

An Umbraco CMS case study by Umbraco Gold Partner GrowCreate

London & Capital is a global Wealth Manager, offering highly personalised investment advice to individuals and organisations around the world. GrowCreate was tasked with the development of a secure client portal to improve the overall client experience, on the desktop and on the move. The complex solution was delivered using Umbraco CMS. Curious about the end result? GrowCreate will tell you (and show you) all about it:

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The challenge

“My bank gives me real-time, mobile view of my current account. Why can’t I have the same for my investment portfolio?”, said a London & Capital client, identifying the top item that would improve their experience.

However, in delivering such a platform London & Capital had to deal with deeply technical issues, such as security and data sourcing from multiple back-office systems.

Following a review of off-the-shelf products, London & Capital decided that a custom build was a better match for their highly personalised nature of their service.

Yet, it made no sense to “redesign the wheel”, so the firm decided to engage us, GrowCreate, and the personalisation capabilities of its Pipeline DXS suite for Umbraco CMS.

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Paul Fletcher, London & Capital’s project lead explains why opting to combine their investment infrastructure with Umbraco CMS / UX specialist agency was the right decision: We were aiming for a really cutting-edge portal, and so engaged a provider who could take a more independent view, and wouldn’t want to stick closely to an ‘out of the box’ tool”.

The solution

After an initial UX process, GrowCreate presented early prototypes at London & Capital’s annual event, the Wealth Symposium.

It became clear that most clients had already made a leap into managing their wealth via digital devices. Across age groups, clients were keen to learn about the upcoming portal, its security and mobile accessibility.


The end result delivers both broad and deep functionality to its users. Naturally, it provides clients with an engaging, convenient and highly secure means of accessing portfolio information across devices.

Beyond reporting, it functions as a communications hub between advisors, investors and the wider firm, incorporating a wide range of content and CRM components.

While most Wealth Managers wish to deliver innovative client-facing platforms, they also face significant data access, security and compliance concerns. GrowCreate met these requirements by integrating Umbraco CMS and native Microsoft technologies with the Azure Cloud and L&C’s existing technology.

The hero

None of this would have been possible without Umbraco. With a number of rigid systems to integrate, the CMS needed to be flexible so that all dots were connected.

Connect to real-time data repositories? Sure thing. Extend the built-in membership system with two-factor authentication on? Why not. Deliver all content through APIs to power a native app? Bring it on.

This project summarises why GrowCreate loves Umbraco: it has never - really, ever- put us in a position to say “no” to a client. If you can dream it, with Umbraco and hard work, we can build it.

"London & Capital’s portal is testimony that innovation in financial services is not the preserve of big banks. Leveraging Umbraco’s famed flexibility, we delivered a client experience that matches the firm’s personalised investment service,"

Theo Paraskevopoulos, CEO, GrowCreate

The result

Since its launch in Q4 in 2016 and gradual on-boarding of all clients, user adoption has been very high. Paul Fletcher comments: “The feedback we’ve had from clients and advisors has been universally positive. The portal brings the transparency and trust at the heart of client relationships to life, and play a vital role in promoting loyalty and new business growth”.

Importantly, the portal is a firm foundation for London & Capital to deliver further innovation, allowing its client-facing toolkit to evolve in line with client needs and wants.

Following the launch of a mobile app for Android and iOS, planning has already started on further integrations, aiming to introduce a truly seamless client experience across channels and devices.

"Our clients get market-leading communications with the firm and transparency over their investments – important factors in the client experience and therefore their propensity to recommend us,"

Paul Fletcher, Partner & Head of Marketing, London & Capital

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