For the Danish agency Appstract Umbraco Cloud is an easy sell: all-in-one managed hosting, built-in functionality, among other perks. “When clients approach us, all they want is for their website to be built and published online as soon as possible; Umbraco Cloud definitely enables that,” says Kim Løwert, Founder and CEO at Appstract. But there's more to it, of course. Dive into Appstract's story!

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Why do we think Umbraco Cloud is interesting?

In a lot of the projects that we do at Appstract, we eventually get to that point where we have a discussion with our clients: do they want to host their project themselves? Do they have a partner that they want to collaborate with? These questions arise.

And very often this discussion just ends with clients telling us: “You guys just figure something out.” Naturally, we’ve had a number of partners who could provide our clients with hosting. But it’s always difficult to just choose one and say to your client: “Okay you should use this provider, or this provider, or that one…”

Which, of course, we can do. But unfortunately, we regularly end up having some issues with hosting providers. It could be that things just aren’t working, the database is not the same version as we’re using, all those different kinds of things.

So we often end up spending a lot of time on the phone with the provider, no matter if it’s someone we or the client selected. In the end it just adds to the complexity of releasing stuff.

Then the next level of discomfort we have with these hosting providers is that every time you’re doing deployments you’re potentially going to run into similar problems.

Long story short, that is why we think that Umbraco Cloud is a good solution. It definitely adds up to the workflow, it’s fairly easy to push content and other things back and forth between different environments and overall it just makes it easier for us.

“It makes it so much easier for me to say: don’t worry about it, Umbraco Cloud takes care of all of that, you’ll get automatic updates, easy deployment, all of those built in kind of things. We basically eliminate the discussion about hosting, which is nice,”

Kim Løwert, Founder and CEO, Appstract

Works like a charm

As an agency, we’re pleased to see that Umbraco Cloud as a product is rapidly maturing and a lot of the issues we’ve been seeing when we started using it have been “ironed” out.

We never really had any big concerns about the product, it was always more about figuring out what the maturity of it is, what kind of projects it can fit, if we can trust it enough to sell to our clients.

What I hear from our developers is that Umbraco Cloud works like a charm. It has an intuitive and friendly user interface, it is very simple to push changes between the different environments.

Joy for clients

So far it’s still baby steps for us, but we are definitely moving forward and pushing Umbraco Cloud to our clients.

But overall, using a product like Umbraco Cloud, having the CMS and hosting in one place - it just makes our and our clients’ daily work run much smoother.

When clients approach us, all they want is for their website to be built and published online as soon as possible, Umbraco Cloud definitely enables that.

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