Umbraco Cloud Infrastructure Overview

Umbraco Cloud is based on the state of the art Cloud technology from Microsoft Azure, ensuring redundancy of the underlying services and compliance with industry standards.

Umbraco as a Service architecture
Redundancy at the heart of everything
The infrastructure architecture of Umbraco Cloud is designed ground up with redundancy in mind. From Geo-redundant storage that ensures your data can be accessible even a complete data center crash, over Elastic SQL Azure Databases to a massive pool of Virtual Machines acting as workers for serving and scaling web requests, UaaS is built to be used and to last.

Technical specifications:
As per May 2016. We constantly update the infrastructure to the best performing cloud technology available, so make sure to check for the latest version of this whitepaper.

Microsoft Azure SQL Azure Elastic Pools Service
14 day point-in-time restore (backup)
Protected by Firewalls

Multiple Azure DS-series file servers with underlying redundant storage
Azure P30 Locally Redundant Premium Storage

Web Workers:
Redundant pool of Azure DS-Series Web Workers optimised for the Umbraco Application
Automated scaling and movement of sites based on server load

Redundant pool of Azure DS-Series Front-end Servers

Constant on-going security checks and penetration tests by 3rd party
Umbraco Cloud development process follows the same Code Review practices as the Umbraco CMS Core

Location (data center):
Microsoft Azure West Europe

For an up to date list of Compliance, visit the Microsoft Azure Compliance centre at:

Service Level Agreements (SLA)
We offer up to 99.95% uptime guarantee depending on type of Umbraco Cloud plan and type of environments. Contact us for separate information about our SLA.

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