Umbraco on Windows Azure

Saturday, October 30, 2010 by Paul Sterling

At Microsoft PDC this week, Umbraco and Microsoft announced the availability of the Umbraco Accelerator for Windows Azure.  The accelerator allows Umbraco to run on Windows Azure with no changes required.  This is a very exciting development for both Umbraco and Microsoft as the combination of Umbraco CMS and Windows Azure is a powerful, game changing technology.  By running your Umbraco sites on Windows Azure you gain all the advantages of the platform, specifically a nearly administration-free implementation that can scale to near infinity. 

The accelerator can be used with current versions of Umbraco, including 4.5.2 and, with a very small change to the database schema and no change to the Umbraco core.  To be fair, this first release of the accelerator is targeted at web developers, but there is no complex code to understand and only configuration is required in order to use the accelerator to run Umbraco on Windows Azure.  There is a detailed usage guide available along with the accelerator which can be found on CodePlex.

Paul Sterling did an interview with Channel 9 that discusses why we chose to build the accelerator and there is also a case study for reference available.  The are a few more developments in this area coming soon as well, so watch this space.  The Umbraco Accelerator for Windows Azure was developed by the talented folks at Slalom Consulting with input from Umbraco and Microsoft along the way.  The very first live Umbraco site running on Windows Azure, Cox conserves heroes, was migrated to Windows Azure by the Certified Umbraco Partner, Definition 6.

If you’ve been considering deploying or migrating your Umbraco site to the cloud, we think you should seriously consider using the Umbraco Accelerator for Windows Azure to run your site on Windows Azure…it is a big step forward.

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  1. Gravatar ImageLeon Jollans Says:

    This is totally totally ace. Well done guys.

  2. Gravatar ImageJon Carlos Says:

    This is amazing. Both a fantastic idea and valuable resource. Just need to get a high traffic site to work on now so I can use it.

    Looking forward to what's coming next! Does it start with table storage? ;)

  3. Gravatar Imageeran Says:

    umbraco + mvc + azure. cant wait to version 5..

  4. Gravatar ImageAshish Agrawal Says:

    It's really great to have such kind of technologies integrated with Umbraco.

  5. Gravatar ImageDDU Says:

    Great news!! Umbraco + Azure sounds good and I'm actually digging it.
    But I'm wondering .... the way "Content cache" and "Public Access" cache is handle will create the same issue than in load balancing mode no?

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