Contour 3.0 Features: Easier to work with lots of forms

Friday, November 9, 2012 by Tim Geyssens

Final post in the Contour 3.0 feature series. These 2 last add-ons are aimed at installs with a large amount of forms.

Structure forms

By using a little convention in the form name (using a slash) you can create folders to house your forms in.


Small but useful feature if you are dealing with a big collection of forms.


Default form settings

It’s now also possible to save form settings and apply them on all future forms, with the addition of a new button in the form settings toolbar. This should be a time saver when dealing with multiple forms.


3 comment(s) for “Contour 3.0 Features: Easier to work with lots of forms”

  1. Gravatar ImageWill Maginn Says:


    How do you delete a folder, after you have created it and don't need it any more?


  2. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    @Will just rename your form :)

  3. Gravatar ImageAdrian Says:

    Why the 'hack' why not just support a container/folder node?

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