Contour 2.0 RC is here

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 by Tim Geyssens

After the beta release 2 weeks ago Contour 2.0 is now feature complete and we are releasing the RC.

What can I do with the RC?

Everything you can do with the Umbraco v4 version of Contour should now also be possible on Umbraco v5 with the RC release of Contour 2.0.

That includes:

  • Managing forms from within the Umbraco backend
  • Viewing, exporting and editing submitted records
  • Outputting records on your frontend
  • Attaching extra functionality to your forms (send email, creating Umbraco content, …)
  • … for full details check out the Contour product page

There's even a great improvement, it's now possible to have complete control over the form markup Contour will generate.

Custom markup for your Contour forms

The default view for the Contour form and field types can be updated, making it possible to have custom form markup. You can do this for al your forms or for a single form.

To do this for all your forms simply update the default views:
~/App_Plugins/Packages/Contour/Views/MacroPartials/ContourForm.cshtml (view for the form, including page name, fieldset, legend, field container)
~/App_Plugins/Packages/Contour/Views/Partial/FieldType.*.cshtml (view for a specific field type like textfield, datepicker, ...)

If you want to do this for a specific form you'll need to create the following folder:
~/App_Plugins/Packages/Contour/Views/Forms/{FormId}/ (FormId needs to be an existing form id, you can view the id of the form on the settings tab of the form designer)

As an example if your form id is 85514c04-e188-43d0-9246-98b34069750c then you can overwrite the form view by adding the ContourForm.cshtml file to the directory
First copying the default one and then making your changes is the best way to get started

You can also overwrite views for 1 or more field types by adding the views to the folder (again if you first copy the default one and then make your changes...)

A final option is to overwrite the view for a specific field on a form (if you want to target a specific field but not all fields of this type)

Getting started

In order to run the Contour beta you'll need to be running an Umbraco 5.1 build (we are targeting 5.1, 5.0.x won't be supported), you can get the latest build here:

It just takes a couple of clicks to install Contour and once it's active you can start adding forms to your pages. Simply navigate to developer/packages/local packages , choose the Contour nuget package and follow the installation wizard, once it's installed you should have access to the Contour section. For a detailed intro check the beta video.


Whats missing?

All features are in place and it should be on par with the version you know from Umbraco v4. What we'll focus on now before the release is updating the documentation (most things have stayed the same but there are a couple of small changes due to the move from Webforms to MVC that we'll outline in the docs).

Report bugs

Again it would be a big help if you could take the RC for a test run and report any bugs you might find here.

Download the Contour 2 RC build

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  1. Gravatar ImageSam Kroonenburg Says:


    Thanks -- this is fantastic!

    Can you give any approximate indication of when this will move out of RC and be officially released (RTM)? Are we talking weeks, or months?

  2. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    @Sam since we are targetting the 5.1 release of umbraco it will be shortly after that has been released (so talking +- 2 weeks)

  3. Gravatar ImageLuis M Says:

    I am sorry, if I have the old version of umbraco, will it function? the contour to contact form and sent emails...

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