Start the new year with new skills

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 by Per Ploug

It’s the beginning of a new year, and time for new year’s resolutions. We think a very important resolution for any Umbraco developer or company, is getting Umbraco 6 training and certifications, which is why we, right now, offer it at a very special price to celebrate the new year.

An Umbraco Developer Certification helps developers showcase their Umbraco skills, get them jobs, helps companies become official partners and build a solid reputation.

As a special offer, right now you can get unlimited access to video tutorials, full licenses to Contour and Courier when you sign up for a Umbraco 6 Master Class. That means for the 900EUR course price, you get and product licenses worth 700EUR included with the course. The next round of classes are in January in Copenhagen, book a seat today before it sell out.

The Level 1 Master Class

Enables web designers to build complete content managed websites with Umbraco from scratch. With full control over html and design, and with a UI that is a pleasure to use for editors. Umbraco 6 comes with a new suite of editor components for easier content management and an overhauled media library which makes media management much more intuitive.  

See if there any available level 1 seats left

The Level 2 master class

For .net developers who understands how Umbraco works, but wants to build advanced applications on top of umbraco or integrate with 3rd party services using Visual Studio. Umbraco 6 comes with a brand new set of APIs which are a pleasure to use combined with full MVC support giving developers access to a modern developement pattern from Microsoft. Be the first to learn the new, faster way to build Umbraco sites.

See if there any available level 2 seats left

We have announced a full training schedule for the next 6 months, with training locations all over the world, see the full schedule here.

This offer expires on February 1st 2013.

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  1. Gravatar ImageChad Says:

    For those of us who paid for the largely irrelevant V5 course, I'd like to see some transition pricing for the V6 courses.

  2. Gravatar ImageMatt Says:

    Is this same offer available for the Seattle based courses?

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