Our Umbraco downtime

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by Niels Hartvig

We’ve succesfully moved Our Umbraco and the issue Tracker to new servers on Azure!

The last couple of days the Our Umbraco site, the issue tracker and also this site have had a lot of downtime, which has been caused by a series of chained events at the virtualisation environment at our ISP. The good folks there have worked almost around the clock for the past three days, but unfortunately it keeps misbehaving.

We’re now in the process of moving the Our Umbraco site and the Issue tracker and hopefully, this will be finished by the end of today. In the meantime, both sites will be unavailable.

We know it sucks and the timing couldn’t be worse with the Umbraco 6.0 RC just released. We’re doing everything we can to get them up fast so you can focus on building great sites and we can focus on improving the current tools – not the infrastructure.

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  1. Gravatar ImageRoberto Says:

    We try to purchase from your site but the VAT valdiation seen that do not work. We have validate our VAT number at VIES website but its refused on your site.

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