One-day Umbraco 6 + mvc upgrade

Thursday, January 31, 2013 by Per Ploug

Umbraco 6 is out!, and it brings a ton of new, and exciting features to Umbraco, like new API’s, datalayer and MVC.

Read more about Umbraco 6 here 

UPDATE: Over half of the seats are now sold in under 24 hours.

As a special event for Umbraco Level 2 certified developers, we now offer a 1 day upgrade course, at a very tempting price: € 499.

Order a spot on the course

For this first class, it will exclusively take place in Aarhus, the city of smiles, but also the city of Umbraco Partners, so a natural place to start these new courses.

In short, this one-day class will go through:

  • The grand overview of all the new terms and features in Umbraco 6 and MVC
  • How you update an existing webforms-based site to MVC
  • Hands-on exercises with the new Media and Content APIs
  • Templating in Razor views
  • Strongly typed views ← ?  
  • Working with forms in MVC
  • Building custom controllers
  • Hijacking Routes and building your own urls

Read more about the corse on the course page here, and sign-up for the course right here.

6 comment(s) for “One-day Umbraco 6 + mvc upgrade”

  1. Gravatar ImageKhashayar Says:

    Thanks for the new release, good job.
    I downloaded the version 6.0 , the project structure doesn't look MVC, is there any other MVC versions? or any configurations?


  2. Gravatar ImageWesley van der Meer Says:

    Hi Khashayar,

    Just change you umbracoSettings.config.
    there is an section with the following code:


    You can modify it to this.


    Re-build, and umbraco will now create cshtml views in stead of Masterpages when you define new content types.

    Kind regards,

    Wesley van der Meer

  3. Gravatar ImageWesley van der Meer Says:

    Hi Khashayar,

    My previous comment doesn't show the xml.... so open your umbracoSettings.config and go to section templates (at +/- line 134).
    change the value of useAspNetMasterPages to false and change value of defaultRenderingEngine to Mvc.

    Kind regards,

    Wesley van der Meer

  4. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    Ouch, do not change useAspNetMasterPages to false. I forgot to put in a comment for that one in the config file.

    The useAspNetMasterPages setting is a relic from when umbraco 4 was first released. Before v4, Umbraco did not use masterPages but a proprietary templating format.

    Currently that setting still controls how macro's are inserted into your templates and rich text editor, so if you set it to false macros will be inserted wrongly.

  5. Gravatar ImageWesley van der Meer Says:

    Sebastiaan! You're right!

    And i have an another reason... if you do set it to false... umbraco will never render any master page in my case... even it's own masterpages.

  6. Gravatar ImageKhashayar Says:

    Hi Sebastian,
    Thanks a lot, I created razor templates successfully. I thought that you have migrated the whole project structure to MVC.
    Our company is migrating to Umbraco as we are mostly MVC developers, hope to find more documentations on version 6 and using MVC.


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