Umbraco 7

Thursday, November 21, 2013 by Niels Hartvig

On behalf of the amazing core team, I’m thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Umbraco 7.

This is the beginning of a new era for the Umbraco project. It’s the culmination of 18 months of dedicated work, focused on bringing the project back to the roots of Editor Simplicity & Developer Happiness.

Umbraco 7 features the stable engine of Umbraco 6 powering hundreds of thousands of websites, but now enriched with a completely new, remarkably fast and simple user interface.

Umbraco 7 in action

I know you and your clients will love Umbraco 7 and we recommend that you start all new projects on this version. Once you’ve tried it, there’s simply no going back – so download it now.

Umbraco 7 is the result of incredible passion from a lot of hard working people. So thank you Per, Shannon, Tim, Morten, Sebastiaan, Paul and the many, many external contributors and testers. High five, you rock!

Godspeed, Umbraco - Share Simplicity!

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  1. Gravatar ImageMartijn Maris Says:

    Great work! I am looking forward to build the first Umbraco 7 website.

  2. Gravatar ImageJames Young Says:

    Congrats guys!

    We're all looking forward to building some awesome sites using it and seeing it go from strength to strength :)


  3. Gravatar ImageMark Stoumann Says:

    This looks awesome.. Great work Umbraco :)

  4. Gravatar ImageStefan Kip Says:

    Great work guys! Awesome team ;-)

  5. Gravatar ImageDan Lister Says:

    Well done guys!

  6. Gravatar ImageThomas Says:

    great work on umbraco 7 !

  7. Gravatar ImageMerijn van Mourik Says:

    Nice! (Now let's create time to have a go with it... bye weekend...)

  8. Gravatar ImageAnthony Candaele Says:

    Great job guys, Umbraco just raised the bar again for CMS frameworks

  9. Gravatar ImageRichard Soeteman Says:

    Congrats on the release, working with the RC and nightly builds for the last couple of weeks and find it a joy to work with.


  10. Gravatar ImageAntoine Says:

    Umbraco 7 looks fantastic! Great work!

  11. Gravatar ImageAjmal vh Says:

    Great job guys !

  12. Gravatar ImageJeroen Breuer Says:


  13. Gravatar ImageUmair Hafeez Says:

    Congratz to the whole team and I am really thrilled to get my hands on to this :-)

  14. Gravatar ImageAndreas Kaltenhuber Says:

    great job! h5yr

  15. Gravatar ImageSøren Spelling Lund Says:

    Beautiful! Really looking forward to get the team working on this :)

  16. Gravatar ImageJamie Pollock Says:

    Fantastic news. I'm looking forward to using it on our next website.

    The experience from Alpha & RC has been a breath of fresh air. I know our editors & developers alike will appreciate what you've all done too.

  17. Gravatar ImageAhmed Says:

    Great work!

    What I have to do to upgrade from 7.0 RC to 7.0 Final?!


  18. Gravatar ImageJesper Ordrup Says:

    Just wow :)

  19. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Ahmed Overwrite /bin, /umbraco and /umbraco_client from the final zip into your RC site.

  20. Gravatar ImageOve Andersen Says:

    Awesome work guys! #h5yr

  21. Gravatar ImageTheShadow Says:

    I have a question : with the new system of PropertyEditor we can no longer use a .NET (C# or VB) UserControl to build our own dataType :( ?

  22. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    @TheShadow that's correct no more UserControls you just need js/html skills and basic knowledge of AngularJS, already lots of examples out there like

  23. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    @TheShadow for a good getting started guide check

  24. Gravatar ImageKevin Giszewski Says:

    Well done fellas.

  25. Gravatar ImageBiagioP Says:

    Good work!!

  26. Gravatar ImageDavid Zweben Says:

    Looks great! I see the hiding sidebar has been changed to stay open. It's nice to see how receptive the team has been to feedback.

  27. Gravatar ImageRigo Says:

    Anyone else "Server not found"?
    Anyway, can't wait to download and test it. Well done!

  28. Gravatar ImageRigo Says:

    No it worked. The Zip downloaded.
    Heavy traffic :-) ?

  29. Gravatar ImageJennie Says:

    Love it. Awesome work & much needed. Big milestone!
    Should we be building editors with Bootstrap 2 or Bootstrap 3? If 2, what's the plan to upgrade - or dual support?

  30. Gravatar ImageAlfanumeriek Says:

    Thanks team! As exited as you are!

  31. Gravatar Imageesunxray Says:

    Thanks, but how to format razor code correctly?

  32. Gravatar Imageegeek Says:

    Awesome job!
    Any timeframe for MVC5 support?

  33. Gravatar ImageDamian Says:

    Where does this version sit with packages? Is it likely a lot wont be compatible? This would be the thing that stops me heading straight for it with new builds at the moment.

  34. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @egeek No timeframe yet, sorry.

    @Damian Most packages that don't install a property editor (or as it was called before: datatype) should work, although we have removed some long obsoleted APIs so there may be some compatibility problems there.
    I would recommend a clean install of v7 and installing your favorite packages to see if they work.

  35. Gravatar ImageSimon Deighton Says:

    Is there a test/sample site for V7 as well as the source download?

  36. Gravatar ImageDamian Says:

    @Simon - There are some starter kits to install as part of the install.

  37. Gravatar ImageChristopher Vaught Says:

    Hopefully Courier will be released soon for 7. This is the only thing between us and the new version. We are working on migrating all of 400 + sites to MVC /Umbraco 6 currently.

    Hope many of the issues in Courier are worked out in the new version.

  38. Gravatar ImageChris Marisic Says:

    "Umbraco 7 features the stable engine of Umbraco 6 powering hundreds of thousands of websites, but now enriched with a completely new, remarkably fast and simple user interface."

    It took you 18 months to develop a new skin for Umbraco 6?

  39. Gravatar ImageKenneth Solberg Says:

    Congrats guys!

  40. Gravatar ImageJosh Says:

    Happy Days!

  41. Gravatar ImageNiels Hartvig Says:

    @Chris: No. As mentioned in the video, v7 isn't a skin.

  42. Gravatar ImageBiagio Says:


  43. Gravatar ImageJK Says:

    Looks great. Do you have any idea when the image cropper will be implemented?

  44. Gravatar Imagemitix Says:

    Agree with JK. Image Cropper is essential for my projects. When we'll be able to use it with Umbraco 7?

  45. Gravatar ImageNiels Hartvig Says:

    @JK + mitix: Image Cropper will come in 7.1. We want to improve and re-design the experience, rather than just copying the existing property editor which needs some TLC. There's currently no target date for 7.1, but it'll come very soon.

  46. Gravatar ImageDaniël Tulp Says:

    After trying to get this to work I just read:

    "Medium Trust
    Umbraco 7+ will no longer support medium trust environments. There are now some assemblies used in the core that do not support medium trust but are used extensively. Plugin scanning now also allows for scanning Umbraco's internal types which requires full trust."

    That makes U7 impossible to use for my website. It's a big dealbreaker!

  47. Gravatar ImageTom Says:

    Congratulations; looking forward to using it.

  48. Gravatar ImageNiels Hartvig Says:

    @Daniël: It's the future, quote: "The official position of the ASP.NET team is that Medium Trust is obsolete."

  49. Gravatar ImageDaniël Tulp Says:

    @Niels, I have forwarded the information you provided tot my webhost, I hope they have the sense to take the step into the future with us, otherwise I'll just move to another host.
    Thanks for the explanation!

  50. Gravatar ImageMarc Love Says:

    Great work guys, looking forward to working with the new version. Will still be using version 6 for a while yet, however will definitely be using 7 for some of our clients in the near future.

  51. Gravatar ImageChris Marisic Says:

    @Daniël Tulp look into AppHarbor and Azure Websites for the most frictionless hosting of .NET code, full trust supported. Also both provide the easiest story to high availability in .NET

    I recommend staying away from all "traditional" hosting for applications, unless cost is the #1 prohibitive factor, such as you're running your personal site. However both of those provides have entirely free hosting options available too.

  52. Gravatar ImageSébastien Richer Says:

    Most excellent!

  53. Gravatar ImageJonathan saxon Says:

    Thought I would give 7 ago on a new site everything seems good however there seems to be some real aggressive caching going on.

  54. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Jonathan We're all ears if it's too much, please provide details so we can investigate. Best to put them on the issuetracker:

  55. Gravatar ImageNenad Says:

    Is there UmbracoMetaWeblogAPI ???
    I installed Umbraci v7 but umbraco/channels.aspx is not working?
    i am geting message that resource or dependency is missing?

  56. Gravatar ImageTom Martin Says:


    when will this be available as a web-site install tempalte 'From Gallery' component on Azure (currently it's version 6.1.6)?



  57. Gravatar ImageJan Vilimek Says:

    Hi all,
    thanks for the next major release. Unfortunatelly when upgrading from 6.1.6 on SQL Azure there is an error in DB upgrade right after "Umbraco.Core.Persistence.Migrations.MigrationRunner - [Thread 11] Executing sql statement 66: ALTER TABLE [cmsTagRelationship] ALTER COLUMN [propertyTypeId] INTEGER NOT NULL" it throws an error "Tables without a clustered index are not supported in this version of SQL Server. Please create a clustered index and try again."
    Any hints how to repair the upgrade proces? Is there a chance to change DB updates?

  58. Gravatar ImageMike Chambers Says:

    Neils, Daniel...
    Having looked at the and forwarded on to our host - Rackspace. The response from them is that it's less than an official position that medium trust is obsolete..

    "We are aware of the information you have provided. Microsoft is giving mixed guidance as their hosting deployment guide for .net 4.x says do not run full trust for shared hosting while this documentation states as long as the DACL's are set, it is safe to run Full trust. We continue to work directly with Microsoft on this issue however there has been no final word that this is safe for us."

    I think they are refering to - 4.0 hosting deployment guide has

    "Hosters should not use Full trust in shared hosting scenarios. Medium trust is recommended for Web servers that are Internet-facing. When applications run under Full trust, they are fully trusted on the server. Even if they are isolated by process, and even when user rights are limited, applications can access content from other trusted applications, as well as access many system resources, such as the registry and event logs."

  59. Gravatar ImageJan Vilimek Says:


    Identified the problem: \src\Umbraco.Core\Persistence\Migrations\Upgrades\TargetVersionSeven\AlterTagRelationsTable.cs

    Following statement throws an error:

    ALTER TABLE [cmsTagRelationship] ADD [propertyTypeId] INTEGER NULL
    ALTER TABLE [cmsTagRelationship] DROP CONSTRAINT [PK_cmsTagRelationship]
    ALTER TABLE [cmsTagRelationship] DROP CONSTRAINT [FK_cmsTagRelationship_umbracoNode_id]
    ALTER TABLE [cmsTagRelationship] ALTER COLUMN [propertyTypeId] INTEGER NOT NULL

    WORKAROUND: In SSMS 2012 export the database as BACPAC to your local disk (or do it via webmatrix), run the upgrade againt LOCAL database, then import the database to the SQL Azure again. Hint: Tasks=>Export Data-tier application


  60. Gravatar ImageNiels Hartvig Says:

    @Mike: Well as the official statement of the ASP.NET team is that they're stopping Med Trust support, I guess you're soon to be screwed as a host if you insist on providing Med Trust only.

  61. Gravatar ImageMike Says:

    @Neils.. rackspace cloud sites are my host... not me personally :-).. could you point me in the direction of a public facing document that states microsoft's position, as my host maintains that they are in active discussion with MS and that mediumtrust is still the advised option :-( But yes if mediumtrust is going the way of the dodo then we'll be forced to look elsewhere to host..

  62. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Mike Additional information is on the site, the official advice is to "Remove any trust levels other than Full.":

  63. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    * that's the advise for MVC5 by the way, indicating clearly that MS is not putting any more effort in to support medium trust scenarios, supporting the "Medium Trust is obsolete" statement on SO.

  64. Gravatar ImageBiagio Says:

    Blog support?

  65. Gravatar ImageNikolaj Weber Says:

    I'm experiencing bugs when trying to delete from backoffice.

    What to do?

  66. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Nikolaj We're working on it, find a workaround in this issue:

  67. Gravatar ImageJK Says:

    I'm thinking about using v7 in production - do you guys have any rough idea of when V7.1 will be available? Dec? Jan? Feb?

  68. Gravatar ImageGraeme Says:

    There is a typo in the admin area -> settings -> templates start page it says
    Follow the below links to find out more about working with the items in the *Setings* section:

    Also i think 'Follow the links below' reads better.

    V7 Looks great though, will be using it on my next project.

  69. Gravatar ImageAndrew Jones Says:

    how come you didn't use bootstrap 3? Also isn't the admin screen a bit too white! Cant we have some colour in the admin section?

  70. Gravatar ImageMa Stanley Says:

    The ASP.NET MVC 4 for Umbraco 7 is the great improvement.

    I discover that there is a bug on updating Document Type.

    When I try to add properties on Document Type, the added property on some of existing Document Node is not available.

    Besides that, the delete Document Type function is not worked.

    The Document Tree View is not available in Umbraco 7.

    When you would provide the updated ( stable ) version of Umbraco 7 ?

    Thank you very much.

  71. Gravatar ImageBrian Lonsdale Says:

    Excellent CMS. Building my first Umbraco 7 platform now :)

  72. Gravatar ImageDavid Vincent Says:

    I have been using Umbraco for years now and have just started using Umbraco 7 and I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work.

  73. Gravatar ImagePhil Smears Says:

    I'm just so glad it didn't turn out to be another Umbraco 5!

  74. Gravatar ImageCerianne Says:

    My current website uses umbraco version 4.7.1 can I upgrade to umbraco 7 easily or is it better to design/start a new website?

  75. Gravatar ImageRachel McFarlane Says:

    just starting to use umbraco, so far so fantastic

  76. Gravatar ImageJames Says:

    Just taken on an Umbraco developer full-time, so delighted!!!!

  77. Gravatar ImageAshley Says:

    Looks a very clean and simple CMS... 'Umbraco reinvented' nice :)

  78. Gravatar ImageRobert Says:

    Umbraco 7 is a delight! You came back strong after the Umbraco 5 disaster.

    I would like to see better support for multi lingual back office - I noticed there is quiet a bit of hardcoded English in some of the backoffice javascript files instead of coming from the lang config files.

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