Our Umbraco has had an update

Friday, February 8, 2013 by Sebastiaan Janssen

You may or may not know that a bit over a month ago in Copenhagen we held a hackathon in which we open sourced almost all of the source of Umbraco's community site Our Umbraco and started working on some of the annoying little bugs that we had here and there.

Since open sourcing it, we've had a number of super valueable contributions from the community which have just been deployed to the live server. 

The main new thing right now is that the search has been improved by Chriztian Steinmeier, who now made it so that the area you're searching in gets automatically selected in the dropdown for the areas. So if you're in the documentation section, you'll automatically only search the documentation. If you're in the forum, you'll only search in the forum. Of course you can still select multiple areas but most of the time you wouldn't want to. Joy is in the little things!

2013-02-08_160807Documentation, did I say search in Documentation?? Yes! Examine GURU Ismail Mayat helped us out in making an index for the documentation MarkDown files and adding them to the search results. Looks pretty, doesn't it? Oh and did you know you can also do AND / OR searches already?

Some other things that have changed are:

  • The overview of topics you've participated in now has working paging, so you can go back through all of them thanks to Lee Kelleher
  • The active topics listing now has more useful paging, showing only 10 pages at a time but you can still go through all of them
  • Searching for packages from your Umbraco installation's packages section is working again
  • When you create a new topic, suggested topics are shown on the right side, they can now be safely clicked without you loosing the post you were creating.

For a full list of recent changes have a look at the issue tracker for Our and make sure to create new issues if they don't exist yet. If you feel like helping out yourself, the source is up on GitHub, send us a pull request, we love those!


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