Codegarden 13 - Best program ever

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by Per Ploug

Codegarden - the Umbraco event of the year, is less than a month away, and its time to reveal the complete program, which in my humble opinion is the best speaker line-up we have ever had.

Watch the complete program here, we are adding the complete session abstracts as we get them reviewed and approved by speakers.

We have case stories from Redbull, Sainsbury's, The danish state and german hospitals. Indepth tech sessions on the core API's, data layer and request pipeline. As well as sessions on the Umbraco 7 UI, Umbraco as a Service, Responsive Imaging, designing websites in the browser and so much more. 

All presented by experienced and knowledgeable speakers.

We are running out of tickets

There are only about 40 tickets left now, so if you havn’t already purchased your ticket, it is about time to do so. All codegardens in the past have sold out, and do you really want to miss this? - get your ticket here.

More then just the planned sessions

Besides the planned sessions, there is a complete track of open hackathon sessions, with guidance from Umbraco HQ developes, Core team members and community geniueses.

A whole day of open space sessions, where the community come together to discuss the present and future direction of Umbraco as an open source project, software and community.

Amazing social events like the wednesday canal tour after party with music, champagne and a festival vibe. A delicious organic dinner on thursday evening, complete with live hammond organ and the traditional and bizar Umbraco bingo.

There’s even a pre-conference social meetup tuesday, arranged by other codegarden attendees.

Oppunities to celebrate our community with Umbraco package competions and Umbraco Website awards, as well as meeting all thos helpfull people from to give them that well deserved high-five.

About the present and the future

Since codegarden 12 last year, Umbraco as a project and as a company has moved at an amazing pace.

There is not a single major component in the Umbraco core that we havn’t refactored, reimplemented, improved or tweaked, there are new API’s, new major versions, a new hosted service, a brand new UI coming, a lot of new fantastic sites has been launched, and a ton of lessons has been learned.

And there is only one place, where you can learn about all these things and that is at Codegarden, so I look forward to meeting you there. 

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  1. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    FYI: Morten and I have worked on a guide to Copenhagen for CodeGarden visitors:

  2. Gravatar ImageGeorge Morris Says:

    The Imulus crew will be representing with Mr. Tom Fulton in attendance.

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