Progress and priorities

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 by Sebastiaan Janssen

As Niels blogged about a few weeks ago, this fall is going to be amazing for us Umbracians and we're excited about all the great stuff that we're working on for you.

With the recent release of Umbraco 6.1.5 we feel like we have a great version out there for everybody to use in the next few months and with that we've been prioritizing the work on Belle and Umbraco As A Service (UAAS) over doing yet more bug fixing on core.
While we would love to do both, we also know that context switching is the enemy of productivity. We're wrapping up some great new stuff in UAAS that is guaranteed to make all of you very excited but we need to spend some more quality time on doing that over releasing a new version of Umbraco.

With that said, we've decided to delay the release of Umbraco 6.2.0 so that we can build on it some more, optimize it for use on UAAS and make sure we test all of the new goodness that we're putting in there.

This is also a call to arms, we would love a bit of help with making Umbraco even more awesome! We're organizing a PetaPoco Hackathon early November, your chance to work with this cool new micro ORM we've been talking about for a while now.

Speaking of priorities: If you're in or near Copenhagen on Sept. 27th then why not join me and Per for another edition of Umbraco drinks KBH?

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  1. Gravatar ImageJeffrey Says:

    Too bad that you have to delay 6.2, because I was really curious about the new member API.

    I'm still thinking that you guys are doing a great job! So make it the best you can!

    Greetings Jeffrey

  2. Gravatar Imageandrew Says:

    does this push the umb7 release into the new year?

  3. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    v7 is still scheduled for the end of October, no changes there.

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