Umbraco 7.1.5 released

Thursday, August 21, 2014 by Sebastiaan Janssen

We hope you had a great summer! Here at Umbraco in Denmark we sure did enjoy the one month of warmth we were giving and are hoping for a bit of an Indian summer soon. 

Oh, and of course we have also been working on Umbraco, fixing a lot of bugs, the result of which is here right now, it's version 7.1.5!

What's new? Apart from all those lovely bugfixes you might notice a few interesting things; clicking the recycle bin now give you a nice listview overview of items in the trash.


Speaking of the list view, our friend Andy Butland sent us another delicious pull request making the listview much more performant when you have a lot of child nodes. He also made the search function in the list view better and the paging now actually works properly when you have sorted or searched. 

And other pull requests keep coming in as well, in fact 37 of the 104 closed issues for this release were a direct result of a pull request made by community members! Thanks everyone, awesome work, #h5yr!

So without further ado: go check out the list of fixed issues and download 7.1.5.

Update: after finding a few unfortunate bugs, we've released Umbraco 7.1.6 a few days later.

11 comment(s) for “Umbraco 7.1.5 released”

  1. Gravatar ImageJeroen Breuer Says:

    Great release!

  2. Gravatar ImageBradley Says:

    Nice. What's the time frame on the bug fixes being released in version six of Umbraco?

  3. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    Soon, real soon. :)

  4. Gravatar ImageAsbjørn Says:

    Lots of really nice fixes in this release. Keep up the good work :) I'm already looking forward to 7.2.

  5. Gravatar ImageAraceli Mora Says:

    Please help me, where can find more documentation of umbraco 7.1?

  6. Gravatar ImageBjarne Fyrstenborg Says:

    Great release with many bugfixes :)

    I am wondering if the booting.aspx should be removed regarding the security issues found before release of 7.1.5?,-6-and-7.aspx

  7. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Bjarne Obviously the security issue has been fixed in this release. :)

  8. Gravatar ImageBjarne Fyrstenborg Says:

    @Sebastiaan okay, I just upgraded from 7.1.4 to 7.1.5 and noticed the source in booting.aspx is the same.. so it's probably somewhere else the change is.
    I just want to be sure :) .. so the booting.aspx can just stay there?

  9. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Bjarne Yup. The code it's calling has been updated to fix the security problem.

  10. Gravatar ImageAsbjørn Says:

    One small question: Why doesn't the list view for the Recycle bin hide the child nodes in the tree, like the list view normally does? It seems redundant to show the nodes in both places.

  11. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Asbjørn You might want to selectively delete from the ancestors in the tree. Else you'd only be able to delete level 1 + everything under it. It's just an added convenient overview (previously, clicking the recycle bin would just show the dashboard).

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