Are you researching headless CMS?

We've got your back. 

In 2020, Umbraco asked full-service, web, tech agencies about their experience of headless CMS. In the spirit of sharing and openness, we're making these findings available so they don't just benefit us - but you and your research. 

Skip the timesink of chasing down the who, what, when and why, and take it from the agencies already using headless. 


Download the Headless CMS Survey 2020 report

Download the Headless CMS Survey 2020 report

Topics covered in the report

  • Why discussing headless is important
  • What the main reasons are for choosing headless
  • Whether demand is increasing - and why
  • Which industries are using headless, and for which type of project

If you have any questions about the contents of the report or the survey itself, please contact Pernille Stausbøll on

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