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Are you curious about how Umbraco works? Then let our Umbraco HQ specialists show you around in a live webinar. We host webinars multiple times each week - find one that fits your schedule.

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"Imagine a Content Management System with less restrictions."

Is Umbraco the right CMS for you?

If you give us 45 minutes of your time, you'll find the answer.

We know that stepping into the unknown can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. And finding the right CMS for your needs is not an easy task with so many options available on the market.

To help you decide if Umbraco is a fit for you, we're hosting multiple weekly webinars that give you a glimpse into what the Umbraco CMS and Umbraco Cloud can do for you. The webinars will touch upon all the core features of Umbraco and go "behind-the-scenes" with demos of the most popular and basic features. And with a live Q&A session at the end, you are able to get answers to any remaining questions.

Which webinar should you sign up for?

You should sign up for the Umbraco CMS webinar if you want a tour of the CMS itself; how to navigate the backoffice, build a feature and integrate with external systems. In other words, the webinar will take you through some of the core features of the CMS as well as give you an idea of the flexibility it gives you.


You should sign up for the Umbraco Cloud webinar if you already have a good feel of the CMS and want insights into how the fundamental Umbraco Cloud features can help make things smoother and faster for you whatever project you have - big or small. You'll get a live demo of how these features work and how they can help you become more productive.

Who are the webinars for?

Are you looking for a new CMS and are you curious about Umbraco? Or did you recently start using Umbraco and want to learn more? Then you've come to the right place!

We have perfected our webinars to ensure that every minute will provide you with valuable insights - no matter your prior Umbraco experience. In fact, it doesn't matter if you have little or no experience with Umbraco - our friendly webinar hosts will guide you smoothly through it all to give you a helpful overview.

This also means that any type of user can join the webinars - no matter if you're a developer, project manager or content editor.

Friendly Umbraco Webinar Hosts

Kristian and Rheannon - two of our friendly webinar hosts

The Umbraco CMS webinar

We have carefully considered every minute of this webinar to ensure you get a valuable glimpse into Umbraco.

A glimpse that'll give you a realistic insight and feel of what Umbraco is able to do for you - and, more importantly, what you are able to do with Umbraco and its core features.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • What is Umbraco?
  • Getting up and running with Umbraco
  • Introducing the Umbraco backoffice (Incl. demo)
  • Building a feature in Umbraco (Incl. demo)
  • Integrations with Umbraco (Incl. demo)
  • Q&A

The webinar is live and lasts around 45 minutes.


Time zone: Europe

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Time zone: North America

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The Umbraco Cloud webinar

We have structured the webinar in a way that gives you the best overview of the features of Umbraco Cloud.

You'll get a tour of the main features, that'llmake your day-to-day work simpler, faster and more delightful,ensuring you take advantage of all the features right from the start.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Purpose and introduction to Umbraco Cloud
  • How to work locally (demo)
  • How to transfer changes (metadata) between environments (demo)
  • How to restore/transfer content between environments (demo)
  • How to create baseline projects (demo)
  • Q&A

The webinar is live and lasts around 45 minutes.


Time zone: Europe

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Time zone: North America

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Frequently asked questions

The fastest and easiest way to try Umbraco is by taking a free 14-day Umbraco Cloud trial. All you need to do is fill out your name, email and choose a password - then we'll create a new project for you in just a few minutes. 

If you're only interested in testing out the editor experience we highly recommend that you try Umbraco Uno. It is full of prebuilt editor features and a WYSIWYG editor that lets you get started creating and editing content right away. Take a free 14-day Uno trial right here.

Alternatively you can always download the free open source version of Umbraco and set it up as a local copy or on your own hosting solution.


If you have specific questions about Umbraco or want to be shown something that is not included in our live webinars, then you can book a personal live demo.

Umbraco is open source and free to install, setup and host for yourself.

If you want us to take care of hosting (and get the extra features) you can choose one of our SaaS products: Umbraco Cloud, Umbraco Uno or Umbraco Heartcore. Pricing starts from €30/month.

If you need support or have any advanced needs for your project you can also get an Umbraco Support plan. Pricing starts from €6.000/year.


Umbraco is used by over 731438 active websites worldwide and is used to build all sorts of projects - small and large, public and private.