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Personalisation Groups

Provide personalised content for your site visitors

"Personalisation Groups" is an Umbraco app designed for providing personalised content to your visitors. Using this app will allow you to customise the presentation of pages and lists to different groups of visitors, as defined by criteria created by your developers and editors.

Umbraco Personalisation Groups is an Umbraco package intended to allow personalisation of content to different groups of site visitors. When downloaded and installed you'll find the following available in your Umbraco installation:

An interface for and various implementations of different personalisation group criteria (e.g. "time of day", "day of week")

Implementation of the following criteria:

  • Authentication status
  • Cookie key presence/absence and value matching Country (via IP matching)
  • Day of week Number of site visits
  • Pages viewed
  • Querystring
  • Referrer Region (via IP matching)
  • Session key presence/absence and value matching
  • Time of day Umbraco member group
  • Umbraco member profile field
  • Umbraco member type
  • An extensible mechanism to allow other criteria to be created and loaded from other assemblies
  • A property editor with associated angular controllers/views that provide the means of configuring personalisation groups based on the available criteria
  • A extension methods on IPublishedContent and UmbracoHelper named ShowToVisitor() and ScoreForVisitor() that allows for showing, hiding or ordering ranking content for the current site visitor

For full details of installation, usage and to review or contribute to the development of the app, please see the project documentation at the the GitHub repository.

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