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Umbraco Education Programme

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You might be feeling it already. You need and want to grow your business, but the right qualified Umbraco developers are difficult to find. That's where the Umbraco Education Programme comes in 🎓

It’s an initiative that will not only ensure that you have skilled Umbraco developers near you in the future, enabling your business to grow but also an initiative that will open doors for you in your local area.

Your two guiding stars helping you get involved in this programme will be our friendly Umbraco HQ training team masterminds Gabriel Ionut Brumea and Rheannon Amanda Lefever 

And now… 

What does the programme entail actually?

With the ever-increasing development in the tech industry, it is not easy to find qualified Umbraco developers. With the Umbraco Education programme you ensure that the new generation of Umbracians is well underway. Not only that. You help spread the word and interest of Umbraco in your local area, which will perhaps even send more business your way.

Teach Umbraco Fundamentals - meet the talent - even online 

Umbraco Education Programme gives you the opportunity to teach Umbraco Fundamentals training course to students of higher education at your local educational institutions. 

This means that Umbraco automatically becomes a part of a specific education programme thus, the students automatically graduate with fundamental Umbraco skills and an official certification in hand. Great for them, you and the overall future of Umbraco.

As something new, the training can also be conducted online. If you want to know more, please reach out to us. 

"On our first class we had 12 students with no background in .NET and they all weren’t familiar with CMSs. They were using Laravel for a lot of school projects. After 2 days of training the students actually found Umbraco easier to understand and program compared to Laravel. That was a really nice experience!”

- Martijn Maris, CEO, Novaware, The Netherlands

Make a name for yourself

We won’t blame you if you see this as a great opportunity to spread the word about your own business.

Even by not saying a word, adding your name to such a great educational initiative will automatically have people talking about you - maybe even discover you for the first time.

You are a business who cares about the education of students in your local area and offers official Umbraco certification free of charge to ensure students better job opportunities - who’s not going to want to high-five you for that?

Who’s paying for the students’ certifications?

We are - as long as you are willing to dedicate your time to teach and share Umbraco knowledge, we are happy to give the students the Umbraco Fundamentals certification course completely free of charge.

Umbraco Fundamentals course can be given as a full day course or spread over multiple days if this fits better with the students’/course schedule. At the end of the course the students will be given access to the official Umbraco Fundamentals certification test and upon completion will receive the Fundamentals certification and the status of Umbraco Certified Professional.

"So far we have run the programme at 3 different schools, and have certified close to 70 students. The schools are very pleased, the students are happy, and it has given us a lot, getting to meet students and doing this. We also believe that, over time, it gives a lot for the whole community, having new developers entering the job market with Umbraco certificates and knowledge."

- Jens Josefsson, CEO, Webmind, Sweden

How to get involved?

In order to participate in the Umbraco Education Programme, you must, of course, be a part of our Gold Partner family. Then:

  • Pick out the educational institution and study program you’d like to work with. Both need to be approved by Umbraco HQ.
  • Choose a developer from your agency who is going to be performing the course. The developer also has to be approved by Umbraco HQ and hold an Umbraco Certified Master certification.
  • You must ensure the quality of delivery: number of attendees, all planning and logistics. 

Our friendly trainers Gabriel and Rheannon then will make sure you get everything else you need:

  • Access to official course material.
  • Access to the official certification test.
  • Provide Umbraco Cloud installations for the course.


Already have an educational institution in mind?

Perhaps you already know what educational institution in your local area could be a good match. Then if needed, you can guide them to this page for more information on how the programme can benefit them.


Ready? Let’s get you more local Umbraco developers!

If you’re interested in participating in the Umbraco Education Programme, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get the ball rolling in no time:

The Umbraco Education Programme requires you to be a Gold Partner.

Please provide name and/or link of the educational institution you would like to offer this to.

Please provide name and/or link to the course you are targeting.

What email can we contact you on?

Any additional information?

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