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Simplifying privacy law compliance for your websites

You’re building great websites. And great websites will often include cookie-setting 3rd party components and services, to help provide a state-of-the-art experience.

But how do you make sure that your websites live up to GDPR and other major privacy laws - including obtaining valid consents and ensuring cookies & trackers are blocked until consent has been given? And can all of this be done without a lot of manual work and without blowing the budget?

You’ll get the answer in this webinar. Cookiebot CMP, the global leader in automated and bulletproof website compliance, has partnered with us to help make compliance easy and effortless.

And they'll join us for a live webinar on December 16th, 2:00 PM CET,  to showcase  Cookiebot CMP, and their Content App for Umbraco - which is providing an enhanced experience for Umbraco CMS users. The webinar will also introduce our reseller program which is creating outstanding value for more than 1,800 resellers and their thousands of customers who trust the platform every day.


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Who should sign up?

You might be an agency, a developer, or a freelancer, who wants to support doing the right thing on privacy: respecting the choices of website visitors and staying compliant with GDPR and other major privacy laws. In the webinar, you will also hear how Cookiebot CMP offers resellers a very attractive (up to) 40% of the revenue that they generate, and how quick and simple it is to sign up and get going as a reseller.

If you'd like to hear any of the above, this webinar is going to inspire you and provide you with valuable knowledge and insights, brought to you by the best out there. 

It’s also a smart way to check out what our Technology Partners can do, in case you are considering a collaboration.

How long does the webinar take?

30 minutes. 

We have carefully considered the contents of this webinar to ensure you receive exactly what you need to get moving –  so you can continue doing what you are good at, without having to worry about the complexity of handling all cookies & trackers compliantly.

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If you're even the tiniest bit curious about unleashing the true potential of your amazing Umbraco solutions you should definitely make time to join this webinar.

It's an exclusive offer to learn from the experts - right from your own screen. 


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P.S. If you’re unsure whether you need to do anything further to get your websites compliant, we recommend you check your websites with our free compliance scanner available at 😉

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