We apply creative technology to meet human needs and solve complex business challenges.

About Strømlin

Strømlin is a Danish technology agency that creates efficient solutions by creatively connecting leading edge technology with real human and business driven needs.

The agency was established in 2001. 

We’ve developed more than 500 websites for a wide range of clients, both private and public.

We have special expertise with clients in the financial services industry, educational institutions and membership organisations.

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Insights & Business Optimisation

We identify and prioritise digital business opportunities, and we generate the necessary user insights to create journey maps, build business cases and form roadmaps.

Data technology & visualization

We make data come to life and apply them to business logic and innovative digital experiences.

UX, IT Architecture & Information Architecture

We create a solid foundation that can handle the desired user flows and processes, and we make sure that all content levels are defined and prioritised.

Implementation & Integration Services

We build the solution and apply the most effective and innovative technologies available.

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Skills used
  • Architecture
  • Business development
  • Integrations
  • Support
  • Umbraco Cloud
  • Arts & culture
  • B2B
  • Finance
  • Public sector & charity
  • Retail
Address information
Wilders Pl. 15C
1403 København
Website: www.stromlin.dk
Phone: +45 7022 9750
Mail: info@stromlin.dk
Strømlin logo
Wilders Pl. 15C, 1403 København, Denmark +45 7022 9750 info@stromlin.dk