Success with eCommerce based on Struct PIM

About Struct

Struct offers a unique Umbraco based PIM system and a team of specialists who can assist you through all steps  of a PIM implementation: data analysis, configuration, implementation, testing and commissioning of a PIM solution. As a customer or supplier and partner, you can make use of our product and services throughout your project. You get access to one of the strongest PIM products on the market. The solution is based on .Net and Umbraco technology. With this setup, Struct can guide you through the process and ensure that you get a successful PIM implementation.

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The unique PIM solution for your eCommerce project.

• Quick "Proof of Concept"
• Fast implementation
• Attractive pricing
• Effective workflow
• Built-in media archive DAM
• Standard integration
• Open API
• Specialist support
• Basic / Standard / Enterprise
• Attractive partner program

Skills used
  • Ecommerce
  • PIM-systems
  • B2B
  • Information technology
  • Media
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