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We make human technology for digital humans. For you and for your family, friends, colleagues and customers. How can we enrich their online lives and give it more value? We answer that question by designing and building innovative platforms. Preferably with the help of groundbreaking techniques, but only to your advantage. Technology is our muse, you are our mindset.

About theFactor.e

Being Human First means:"We do not design anything before we've had a good look into the eyes of your end user".Design thinking - For us, Design Thinking is the method to solve problems or develop new products and services in a practical and creative way. We want to create unique value by meeting user needs. That value is not so much in the technology (ofcourse we love Umbraco), in the product or service, but mainly in the experience of customers and users. Real value is created in collaboration between your team and ours.User research - We gain our valuable insights through user research and testing. We do this in a distinctive way with Billy, our mobile usability lab, which is furnished as a cozy living room. Want to know more about Billy? Watch this videoData-driven - We don't like assumptions. During projects we deliver a "Data Dashboard" as standard for you. After your product has gone live you will be able to optimize your application. This approach ensures that you do not have to make decisions based on intuition or previous experiences, but based on your goals and data.

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Why people choose theFactor.e

We love it when organizations ask us to help solve their (business) cases. We are in this together and we will not rest before we've found the right (digital) solution. We have experienced professionals for every case or expertise. This ranges from Strategy, Online Marketing, Content, UX and Design, Architecture & Integrations, Data Science to DevOps. Have a look at this Umbraco case: Academie Minerva

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Awards and contributions

Emerce100 nr. 1 ranking, Best Dutch companies in e-business 2017 Dutch Interactive Awards 2017 (honorable mention) – case: Brein de Baas! app Dutch Interactive Awards 2016 – case: CNV Vakmensen How we celebrate this? Check out the video.(you can also walk around in our HQ)

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