If your site needs more power, and if you want the peace of mind, knowing that your site has access to 100% of a server's resources at all times, then you might want to consider our dedicated servers. Seasonal peaks and sites that are yet to be optimized are ideal candidates for being moved to a dedicated server.

The entire server is reserved for your project, including the environments you may create if you choose to do so.

The Umbraco Cloud Dedicated Server is priced at €1000 per month.

Dedicated Umbraco Cloud Server details

As of September 2017, an Umbraco Dedicated Server is running on an Azure Es2 v3 virtual machine (VM) located in the West Europe region.

You are able to host up to three environments on your server.

This type of VM has 2 virtual CPU Cores, 16 GB of Memory 32 GB of temporary storage.

The local disk (the C-drive) is a Premium Storage SSD, which is where the temporary files for a website will be stored.

Dedicated Umbraco servers have unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Please note that this solution does not include an Umbraco Cloud subscription.

Umbraco Cloud dedicated servers are subject to the terms and conditions listed in paragraph 3.6 in the Umbraco Cloud Terms and Conditions.